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Soap The Stamps – A short film on British hardcore

March 4, 2018

Not the best documentary but quite an interesting little insight into the 1980s –


Inspiral Carpets

March 3, 2018

I’d loved all sorts of pop and the Stranglers before, but Inspiral Carpets were the single biggest reason I got into indie.  Find Out Why on the chart show.

The energy and that organ, what more does a song need?  Nothing.  Best song ever, no doubt.

Joe’s a great song as well, and I love the vid.

Daryl Vorderman – What we have did

March 2, 2018

They’ve definitely heard Moper.  Not saying there’s a massive influence but there’s something in the songwriting.  And the recording was done by vocalising and guitaring Moper, Mr J Somerset, which kinda suggests they might have come across Moper.  That and I’be seen them on the same bill before.  I can do this two plus two makes four shit.

I spend much of the 90s listening to nothing but the bands I already loved, and techno / electro and tech-house.  I almost completely missed out on the whole emo / 90s punk pop thing, as well as the related alternative rock genres that followed and share a fair bit sonically speaking.  And I absolutely hate most things about it.  Daryl Vorderman‘s singer proves that you can sing in a style that comes from that sort of a place – I think – and not sound shit.  I think that’s mainly down to the fact that Daryl Vorderman don’t attempt to make their guitars sound like shitty over-compressed emo bullshit.  Or something.

The title – endearingly self-deprecating, or the words of a band who should have more confidence?  You decide.

It’s a bit mathy, it’s post-hardcore.  It’s alt-rock kept interesting by virtue of hints at noise-rock.  Really like it.  The simple and quiet bits can be soooooo beautiful – nothing can be everything, it really can.

Star InnTONIGHTJasta 11 are putting it on – other bands too[EDIT – CANCELLED]

Nyogtha – Incantation

March 1, 2018

Nyogtha have released the first track off their new album.  Any band that describe themselves as drone doom AND ambient AND shoegaze, whilst actually being some kinda weird gothic metal and releasing songs longer than a Second In Line album deserve serious respect.  Captivating live, go check ’em –

Gigs in Guildford / SW Surrey and NE Hants March 1st 2018 onwards

March 1, 2018

This gig list is stuff that gets the Wild Eye seal of approval, especially if the band or promoter are in bold.

If you look to your right you should see a page marked “Gig Listings on the Net A to Z” where I have linked a couple of local Facebook listings pages that will tell you about even more stuff.

Let me know what I am missing.  Don’t let me know that Reading is not in Surrey or Hants.

Oh yeah… always worth checking out the Boileroom and Aldershot West End Centre website as well, and what Chris at Jasta 11 is up to – links to right!


Sunday 11th March 2018
Our Man In The Bronze Age, Tuskar and Morag Tong at the Star Inn, Guildford (Concrete Rat & UpSet)

Friday 16th March 2017
Flight Brigade, Port Erin, and Joe Booley at the Star Inn, Guildford (Jasta 11)

Saturday 17th March 2018
Tera Melos, Tangled Hair, Let’s Swim Get Swimming at the Boileroom, Guildford

Saturday 17th March 2018
Tellison, Caves, Peaness, Fresh and more TBC at the Aldershot West End Centre (Let’s Stop Hanging Out DIY)

Monday 19th March 2018
Sharkteeth Grinder, Drinsipa, Who Saw The Light at the Star Inn, Guildford

Friday 23rd March 2018
Alternative Carpark, Throatpunch City, Sizzling Bonobos, Growla at the Lounge Bar in Alton

Friday 23rd March 2018
Blind River, Naked Aces, SPIT, Silent Mode at the Star Inn, Guildford (Massive Promotions)

Thursday 29th March 2018
MUX, The Pink Diamond Review at the Holroyd Arms, Guildford

Saturday 31st March 2018
BlackWaters, SPIT plus more at the Boileroom Guildford

Saturday 31st March 2018
Trevor’s Head at the Star Inn, Guildford

Thursday April 5th 2018
Shonen Knife
, Screech Bats, Swords of Thought at the Boileroom Guildford

Friday April 6th 2018
Henry Blacker, Head Drop, Blimp at South Street Arts Centre, Reading

Thursday 12th April 2018
Elderseer, Gutlocker, The Forge, End Of Salvation at the Star Inn, Guildford

Saturday April 14th 2018
Hundred Year Old Man, Tuskar, Ba’al, Seven Hundredth Unicorn, and Tokahonta at the Facebar in Reading

Sunday 22nd April 2018
Pensevor and ??? in Guildford

Friday 27th April 2018
Belleview Days, Samoans, Dead State at the West End Centre Aldershot

Sunday 29th April 2018
This Is Wreckage, Slug 13, Tirana, Princess, Swords of Thought, Second In Line at the Star Inn, Guildford (Leafy Incline Promotions)

Friday 4th May 2018
Seasonal, Camcorder, Wild Tales, Shaded at the Star Inn, Guildford (Massive Promotions)

Friday 25th May 2018
Pensevor in Reading

Sunday 16th September 2018
TBC at the Star Inn, Guildford (Leafy Incline Promotions)

Past Events –

Friday 2nd March 2018 – CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW
Sail, Morass of Molasses, March The Desert, Trevor’s Head at the Facebar in Reading (The Swamp)

Friday 2nd March 2018 – CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW
Dead Days, Preacher, Daryl Vorderman at the Star Inn, Guildford (Jasta 11 Gigs)

Monday 5th March 2018
Guru, Hake at the Star Inn, Guildford (Monkeyland Promotions)

Friday 9th March 2018
Rews, Sickjoy, Fuzzwalker at the Star Inn, Guildford (Jasta 11)

Death and the Penguin, Analogue Divide, Princess, Path – Star inn Guildford, Sunday 18th February 2018

February 28, 2018

Trial ‘n’ Error put this one on.  Jasta 11 put on a very wide variety of styles, but TnE really do take it to an extreme degree.  More eclectic over the course of an evening than promoters would manage over the course of a decade, and that’s a good thing in my mind.

In almost reverse order.   Shit review, could barely remember anything by the time I got home let alone now.

Death and the Penguin headlined.  The singer had something of the  Julian Cope about his voice, definitely interesting, kinda indie-rock, couldn’t really place them, probably because they know a load of bands I don’t. Not really my thing, but I’d see them again.

Analogue Divide were interesting too.  You definitely miss something when you don’t  have a drummer, then to go instrumental is a bold move.  Metal, not really my thing, at their best when they were at their most mainstream with almost pop-metal riffs.

Princess did their post-punk, noise rock whatever thing… I always mention their sound, it was more refined in a good way this time, less scratchy, which is weird cos it the abrasiveness that I normally love most.  Nothing to add, fine band, happily see them any day of the week and you should too.  Get a tight and fine rhythm section going and Martin can get loose safe in the knowledge that they’re their to support him every step of the way.  WTF am I on about?  Just running out of things to say about them.

Path is Pat from Pensevor and an iPad.  Not sure what if anything else.  So hard to make electronic music work in this kind of environment, but I think more people should try.  I love guitars, but come, they’re old tech.  Very abstract for much of it, Aphex Twin is an obvious comparison, but more jazzy and less floor-friendly.  I heard echoes of MBV.  Three tracks stood out.  I can’t remember them at all now, but I’m listening to this

online so maybe it’ll come back. [It didn’t.]

One issue I have is I want to know how it’s done.  With a guitar band you can normally pretty much see (FX can sometimes muddy the waters).  With a computer based set-up you have no idea unless you’re told. I don’t mind if it’s 99% pre-recorded or programmed, it’s just nice to know what you’re appreciating – sampling, programming, an element of live performance.  It’s no coincidence that the best track, the most engaging, was the one with the heaviest obvious live element, namely busy fingers.


Witch Tripper, Morass of Molasses, Slug 13 at the Star Inn, Guildford – Sunday 4th February 2018

February 27, 2018

Leafy Incline Promotions once again… yet another late and vague and brief review.

Basically… Slug 13 were on top form, really like their grungey, noisy thing, especially when the drums get more tribal and the riffs get more repetitive.  Superb.  What does stoner mean to you in the context of music?  Slug 13 are not stoner rock, but in the scheme of things they aren’t a million miles away.  Slug 13 aren’t hippy or psych or space rock either… but their grunge/noise thing is proper stoner-friendly.

Morass of Molasses were on next.  It’s not music I can fall in love with – far too blues-y in a classic rock way to be my thing – but there is a lot to love.  Sludgey riffs to die for, great stagecaft, unusual band set-up (drums, two guitars, one of which has some sort of octave / twin amp shit going on)… the sort of band I’d never travel 50 miles to see, but one I’d be fucking delighted to see were playing near me, or were on the bill of a gig I was going to anyway.

If you’re more into the Black Sabbath / Led Zep / Hard Rock / Metal / Stoner Rock / Sludge lineage than I am then go see them NOW.

My thoughts on Witch Tripper are pretty similar.  More of a hard rock act than MoM, perhaps the best description would be the high energy rock n roll end of hard rock.  If that sounds like your bag then check ’em out, because it’s not really my bag but the energy levels and single-minded determination to rock (n roll) won me over.  Most bands doing this kinda thing fall somewhere between boring me and offending me… it is a testament to how much they clearly believe in this 100% that they can convince me too.

Leafy Incline’s next gig is Leafy Incline 6 – Leaf Fest – and it hits the Star mid-pm on 29th April 2018.

Bludded Head – “Rotten Demonshit”

February 27, 2018

One for the drone/doom/sludge fans… gonna have to check out more of their stuff… this is music that does not fuck about –

Trevor’s Head at the Star Inn, Guildford, Friday 23rd February 2018

February 26, 2018

I didn’t catch the other bands, just Trevor’s Head.

They really are something.

I found myself stood at the front near half of Tusker and a third of Who Saw The Light.  I say that because both bands share something with Trevor’s.

Tuskar play live on the same stoner / sludge / doom scene as Trevor’s; both bands have really good and eminently watchable drummers who do vox (though Matt for Trevor’s is not lead vocalist, unlike Tyler in Tuskar).  Perhaps the most striking similarity is that I really liked both bands the first time I saw them, but, probably because the music isn’t my usual kinda thing, I failed to realise quite how good they were when I first saw them.

The similarity with Who Saw The Light is much less obvious.  WSTL and Trevor’s are two heavy bands who chuck all sorts into the mix, not least heavy riffs, and manage to do it in a way that, even if it did nothing else, puts a smile on my face.  Psychedelia is part of the sound / vibe.

I sort of thought of them as a stoner band with a big punk influence, but that’s to massively oversimplify.  Lots of early 70s hard rock, early days of metal, prog and psych, they get weird, then are more stoner or thrash.  And then a couple of tracks – towards the end I think – had a kinda Husker Du vibe.  I think.  Love a band who share the vocals around a bit, put on a show, give it plenty, I love every goddamn bit.

I think I’ve got the set-list somewhere.  Can’t be arsed to find it.  Probably wouldn’t be able to tie what I remember from what I read anyway.

Cheers Chris Jasta 11.

Heather VanSaint – Fuck Boi King

February 26, 2018

Love it…