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What a week…

January 30, 2019

Aldershot Modular Cafe at the West End Centre tonight… Morag Tong at the Dev on Friday… Pink Diamond Review, Head Drop and Typical Hunks in Reading also on Friday… Slow Clinic / Parachute For Gordo, live art and local label record fair at the West End Centre on Saturday in aid of Forward 4 Wiz Trust.

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Bloodrush / Gatvol / Star Inn – Guildford 28th January 2019

January 29, 2019

So, a few words… arrived late intending to see most of Gatvol‘s “alternative rock” set, but missed pretty much all of it… not really my thing.

Bloodrush… really enjoyed them… again, not really my thing, I’m no metaller, but I did enjoy it.

Blues > rock > hard rock > metal > more metal > more newer metal > nu metal > more metal > now.  How’s that for a history of metal?  Aside from the fact I’m not big into metal by a long shot, the problem for me is that metal bands, to grossly oversimplify, fall into one of two camps –

(1)  You have your retro blues-based classic metal nonsense.  Offends my desire to hear music as art, not music as homage to the past.

(2)  You have your soulless, shit-guitar-tone, modern metal nonsense.  Offends my desire to hear music that has humanity and good sound, and tends to be a rabbit-hole of pointless sub-sub-sub genres that are dead-ends in the history of musical development.

Maybe this is my perception and based a million miles away from reality, but the best metal in my eyes recognises that we are not in the 70s / 80s, whilst knowing that music needs to be organic and a lot of modern metal has lost that.

I’d argue that Bloodrush get this and find that sweet spot… they’re not gonna turn me metal, but I’d go see ’em again.  Sweet.

The Star.  To be honest, the main reason I was there was to see (hear) the back room of the Star for a noisy gig.  I think that I’ve been there once since the noise reduction efforts started, but that was in the early days and the bands I saw were the sorts of acts who don’t desire or rely on massive volume.  It sounded good, but it left me worried that bands who are all about power and volume might find the venue very dissappointing compared to it’s pre-complaint fearsomeness.  So what can I say?

I stood at the back.  I’d forgotten my earplugs which wasn’t a big issue due to the reduced levels, but I could have stuck a pair in quite easily if I did have them with me.  It was hardly quiet, but no longer the sort of insanity that a band like Morag Tong need (at least I think they need) and Tuskar enjoy.

They don’t seem to have done much if anything to reduce noise leakage from the room – what they’ve done is hung theatre style curtains down the sides and applied acoustic treatment to the ceiling to improve the sound.  I think it’s the damping that helps sonic clarity, and reduces the need to crank the pa to the max, whereas in the past, pre-acoustic treatment, the tendency was to push volumes to the limit to try to force the sound past the unsubtle acoustics of the room, or something.

The sound was great, and the consensus from others I spoke to was that it’s a lot better than it was before the changes, even if it’s a bit quieter.  I’m not gonna promise that some bands and audience members might not turn up and feel a little dissappointed and underwhelmed compared to the monster noise you sometimes got before… but equally I have gone from “serious reservations” about the changes to “next to none”.  Excellent!


The Modular Cafe, Aldershot

January 28, 2019

Great little event for modular synth enthusiasts, and people who wanna hear bleepy squelchy modular goodness, Wednesday 30th January, Aldershot West End Centre –

January Meet Event Page

The Modular Cafe Aldershot Facebook Page

DBA – The Shed Freestyle

January 27, 2019

Really liked DBA when I saw them live – this is less of a party vibe than I experienced that night, but there’s nothing wrong with that.  Really nice…

More Sads…

January 26, 2019

Cover of Smoko, more songs, female singers, two more youtube uploads – FUCK YEAH –

The Sads youtube channel

Employed To Serve – Force Fed

January 25, 2019

Woking’s finest are back with a new single… album to follow in late Spring / early summer I think.  I’ll never forget first seeing them at the Star.  I was close to being terrified.

Employed To Serve – Force Fed on youtube



Guildford, Aldershot etc Gig Guides

January 25, 2019

I can’t be arsed to do a gig guide any more.  You might have noticed.  Will try to mention good stuff I see, but if you wanna know what’s caught my eye check the Wild Eye facebook events page –

And you must keep checking Chris’ great Surrey / Hants gig guide here –



Summarise yourself in five songs

January 24, 2019

So, I was thinking.  Can I summarise my life; my past present and future; my musical tastes and my beliefs in five songs?  Summarise what I am all about philsophically and artistically.

This is the best I could do… are you gonna try too?

Mega City Four – Awkward Kid

Scuzz Twittley – Keep Your Hands Off My PBR

Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Soapbar

Spacemen 3 – Revolution

The Stone Roses – I am the Resurrection



The Sads – Sadacetamol (Bootleg)

January 23, 2019

Beak Banana, Beak Beak Banana-nana, Beak Banana, Beak.  Repeat.  Lots.  Please.

The Sads on FacebookThe Sads on Facebook

Note on the Sads

January 23, 2019

The post I am about to make is out of date already.