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The Sads – Shark Attack

April 21, 2019

More Sads…


I’ll watch any old shit on youtube…

March 29, 2019

… but this ain’t shit… fuck… I really don’t know what to say other than there are so many brilliant things in it… punk related…

Cyberwaste – Immerse – Album Launch show [28.03.19]

March 25, 2019

This Thursday… ESP have had to pull out but we still have ian:o, PleRexics, and The Sleepwalker, and Robert Rhoades has been added to the bill.  And the main girl, Cyberwaste herself, of course.  At the Gallery Room at the West End Centre Aldershot.

Check out the facebook page here –

and loads of links here if you want to check out the artists –

and a link to a review of the album –

Delilah Holliday – 26th April 2019 – London

March 19, 2019

Could and should be great – hope I can get there –

delilah h

Sunday 24th March 2019 – Electronic Music Night at the Electric Theatre Guildford

March 16, 2019

I know nothing, but this…


Cody Noon – Double Dark album review

March 13, 2019

I started writing this review over a year ago.  Like many of the things I buy or listen to I start reviewing it, get not-very-far, pause, forget and give up due to lack of time.

Cody Noon

Double Dark is representative of the band’s live sound – simple, repetitive, guitar and bass, kinda-shoegaze.  Kinda stripped-back shoegaze.

Seven tracks, only two coming in at under 6 minutes.  I’m tempted to think back to seeing them live and thinking “there’s nothing really to this.  Nothing bad, but nothing that stands out as particularly good either… but it works, it really works.”  I think they’re better live than on record… on record there’s perhaps not enough about the music to make you want to fire it up and sit back for a proper listen… perhaps it’s better as background music whilst you’re working.  I’m reluctant to type this as it sounds like a deeply backhanded compliment… but this is great background music.

Some tracks are more simple motifs, gentle bass and guitar parts that are little to nothing; others are waves of heavy guitars.

TLDR – check ’em out on record, but more importantly go see ’em live.

Buy it / listen to it – and their other stuff – here –

Aching Muscle – Sarcasm as Personality Substitute

March 12, 2019

Aching Muscle‘s main man Rich
Sure as hell ain’t no goddamn bitch
He’s a mega talent on the guitar
And if he put his mind to it, I’m sure, sitar,
Undoing bra, driving a car and going far
Joining S Club 7 and reaching for the star(s)

Is this an ep, or is it demos?
Bandcamp don’t say, so who fucking knows?
“An instrumental concern centered on guitar based rock ”
Says Richard Fennings, who am I to mock?
“incorporating elements of electronic, funk and jazz”
Yes, and for me there was no influence of Nas

Reviewing records in rhyme is tough
Even if you, like me, are well buff
Not that looks help one to write
Poetry or otherwise, it can come out shite
Even if you strive for the highest height
And resist saying anything overly trite

The first track’s kinda electro-funk
With some rock added for extra spunk
Or is it actually verging on doom
In electro-funk you’d not expect the room
For added guitars that screech and boom
Before towards track two we start to zoom

Formulated extracts is pretty odd
Kinda like novelty rock played by god
Lounge and silliness is definitely in the mix
Reminds me of that album by Mike and Rich
Only maybe, just maybe, even more kitsch
Not that I wanna be the one to snitch

The Brute‘s next and it’s even more easy,
Slow and sweet and not at all sleazy
More electronic is Al Khalili’s Ukelele
A song that does not rhyme with singer Adele
But even that gets heavier as it progresses
Another of Richard’s musical successes

Next up the track “Jumping Through Hoops”
Augmented live, I’m sure, by Rich running loops
Heavy and fuzzy, the guitar is slow
The bass throbs, where’s the song gonna go?
Weird-stuttery-novelty-lounge of course
The sonic equivalent of  falling off a horse

That last line was rhyme placed well above review
But music journo’s writing shit really ain’t nothing new
In fact, in the above, there are quite a few
Examples of sentences where the content is poo
Unlike the record itself and it’s creator who
Combine quality playing and writing, and a dash of the new

Aching Muscle play the Star Inn, Guildford, Mother’s Day 2019, Sunday 31st March.

Aching Muscle Bandcamp



Cyberwaste – Immerse – Album Launch Show 28th March 2019 – A Resource

March 10, 2019

Thursday 28th March 2019 at the West End Centre in Aldershot.  CyberwasteImmerse” Album Launch, and four more elctronic acts of various descriptions.

Event Page on Facebook

Cyberwaste Album Launch Facebook Event

Cyberwaste Facebook


PleRexics Bandcamp
PleRexics Facebook


ian:o Soundcloud
ian:o facebook


ESP Soundcloud
ESP Facebook

The Sleepwalker

The Sleepwalker Facebook

Trial n’ Error Productions

Trial n’ Error Facebook


Head Drop – ep 1

March 10, 2019

A band from Reading featuring a Cody Nooner and a Typical Hunk.  Came highly recommended by Nick Slug 13, with mentions of Loop, a band aforementioned Slugger loves.  Head Drop seem to describe themselves as “wah wah aggression”.

Loop were a highly repetitive drone / space rock act from the UK in the late 80s / early 90s.  Verging on psychedelia they were essentially a hard rock band when it comes down to it, IMO.

Like Loop, Head Drop are at the place where shoegaze, psych and rock meet.  Noise / grunge elements too… there’s certainly a similar use of wah wah on S5 3.1 as you find on a Slug 13 record.  Great pace, vocals, simple relentless riff… then the wah solo towards the end.  Has a certain catchiness to it too.

Too Late To Go is perhaps a bit more indie-rock than  S5 3.1, but then again the relentless repetitive riffing’s still going on.  Underweight veers towards goth a touch… maybe it’s just the vocals and the lead guitar?

Burn It Down rocks… great pace, twin vocals, simple relentless riff… then the wah solo towards the end.  Has a certain MEGA catchiness to it too.

Definitely another band to watch… and especially for me to check out live… tempted to say that if you’re going down this route then go even simpler, dronier, one chord songs… but criticising a band I like for not being exactly like I’d like them to be* is a bit harsh.

I like the fact that the first letters of each of the song titles spells out “STUB”.  I like that three of the songs’ length’s ends with a “7” and that two tracks are x mins 57 seconds long and one ends with a very close 58 seconds.

* note… I say “exactly like I’d like them to be“, but it is a fact of life let alone music that half the time we don’t know what we want.  I know this is true with me of music, there’s loads of things I want to see bands doing, but whenever they do I don’t like it.

Head Drop on Bandcamp

Head Drop on Facebook

Numbskull Action

March 7, 2019

Numbskull Action.  Numbskull Action.  Numbskull Action.  Numbskull Action.  Numbskull Action.  Numbskull Action.  Numbskull Action.  Numbskull Action.

At the risk of contradicting myself massively… I love music which is pushing boundaries, that tries to be modern, that tries to be art… music that expands the mind.

I also like bands who KISS.  Bands who knock out catchy little numbers, make ’em noisy and short, and give every impression of not giving a normal fuck, let alone a flying one.

Garage punk genius.  Definitely a hint of Misfits (MASSIVE compliment).

They can be found on facebook, or bandcamp

Or stage – 13th April 2019 at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston.