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The Sads – Sadacetamol (Bootleg)

January 23, 2019

Beak Banana, Beak Beak Banana-nana, Beak Banana, Beak.  Repeat.  Lots.  Please.

The Sads on FacebookThe Sads on Facebook


Cyberwaste – “Sinking”

January 22, 2019

Ashlinn Nash aka Cyberwaste, released her debut single “Sinking” from upcoming debut album “Immerse” a few days back.  Check it below.  Featuring Jake Harding from Grave Lines on vocals.

Nice, real nice…

Cyberwaste on

Syndicol Website

Grave Lines on Bandcamp

Skinny Girl Diet

January 21, 2019

Just previewed on Louder Than War… the new Skinny Girl Diet single La Sirena.

Freakouts – TV ep

January 2, 2019

Q.  What is it I like about this mob so much?

A.  Basically they’re a punk / grunge influenced rock n roll band who understand that songs plus energy and you’re 90% of the way there.

[go check out]

Already Dead starts the ep with two minutes of pop punk grunge perfection.

Here Comes the Scatman has bit of a quiet / loud Nirvana vibe, proper head nodder when it kicks in.

Geezer and Don’t Kick Buckets are the other two – see comments on Already Dead, but these two are longer.

Protection.  Ends the ep in seconds.

Freakouts RIP (Should have published this six months ago when I started writing it).  Sorely missed, fuck good bands that split up.  Arseholes.


Six Years In…

December 30, 2018

… Guildford.

Gonna go through my blog and sum up the years since I started it… briefly.

Dunno why I started this blog in 2009.  I love music, reading and writing about it, I suppose.  Not being in a band it was something creative to do.

First post was a London Gig Guide featuring William (amazing post-punk, noisy), Billy Childish (literal art legend let alone music legend), Goldie Lookin Fuckin Chain and Los Mendosas (mental punk wrestlers).

Jeez, I wrote better when I had more time.

Guildford legends Shitty Limits review –

Les Paul died and I reviewed Future of the Left.  I belatedly discovered Andrew WK.

2010 I posted some mainstream country hits from the good ol’ US of A.  2011 – fuck all.

2012 and I moved back from London to my hometown Guildford… I say hometown, it kinda is but I actually grew up 10 miles further south in Top Gear country, or so it would become.  Howard at People Records (RIP – the shop not Howard – but he still promotes under the People name) was the first person I spotted in Guildford putting on anything half decent.

I remember trying to work out what was going on live music wise and getting absolutely nowhere.  Total lack of decent information, just the odd thing I spotted, nothing that really caught my eye.

2013 – nothing again.

2014 – practically nothing but I started to actually work out what was going on.  The Tens promised anyone they met that they were gonna take Guildford by storm… shame their rock star attitude rubbed many up the wrong way, and they couldn’t work out if they were an indie / punk band or a rock / metal band.  Yearbook were great.  Following Foxes were the first decent ACM band I saw.  I stumbled upon GU1 PUNX who used to put on some fine shit.

2015Employed to Serve.  Wow, mind blown.

2016 – Fuck, I’ve been in Guildford 4 years and still found next to nothing. Will this be the year?  YES!

15th January 2016 Buffalo Club at the Star might have been the start.  Typical Hunks, Space Church and Swords of Thought – I found my home!  Awesome night.  Saw Moper pre-name change and thought they were decidedly average.  How wrong can one person turn out to be?  Saw the The Sleepwalker for the first time – more on him later!

More country – how could I forget this song –

Saw the mighty Princess for the first time.

More country –

Slug 13 put on the first Leafy Incline night.  Trevor’s Head played.  I went to London and saw psych legends The Telescopes supported by Sterling Roswell late of Spacemen 3.  Space Church put out the awesome “Songs To Punch Nerds To“.

Morass of Molasses entered my field of vision and rocked.  I discovered Pensevor (RIP) who really were the cream of the local crop – check ’em out and buy their album.  Midway Still played the Star and destroyed it.

I went to my first Trial n Error night.

Started to slag off the odd person / band / promoter / label a bit unfairly.  Totally slagged off a band called Sophie and the Giants for being everything that is wrong with music, and some PR person for being shit and dishonest in her writing.  I was borderline giving up on finding great music out of ACM.  December 2016 was the last time – as of now – I went a month without posting.  Of have I just done it again (I am picking this post up for the first time in ages – some posts get complete many mnay months after I start them).

2017 to 2018 – I actually get to see a band from ACM that I LOVE, as opposed to simply have a soft spot for.  Since then I’ve made a decision – no mention of ACM when referring to great bands who happen to come from ACM.  And I’ve seen at least a handful of great ACM bands, although I have a suspicion that there was a brief window of greatness and the next wave coming through are less interesting.

It all seems to be kicking off, so much good stuff going on locally, Jasta 11 going from strength to strength, more and more good bands, Holroyd Arms makes it three decent little venues in Guildford… then some absolute CUNT called Neil Young does his best to get the Star closed down.  Even if he fails it looks like the volumes are coming down.  BOO HISS, NEIL YOUNG YOU SMELL OF PISS.  If this wasn’t happening I – and if we hadn’t seen the end of Pensevor and Who Saw The Light – I could say with total certainty that the scene round here was the best I’ve ever seen by a mile.

Ian Oakley starts the Aldershot Modular Cafe at the West End Centre – we have an analogue synth scene!

And I’ve kinda started helping Stefan Powell in his Trial n Error eneavours.  Which is cool.

Bring it on.

On this special day…

December 25, 2018

… it’s important to remember that Christmas is not simply about getting hammered to try to forget that you have to spend fucking hours on end with your family.  It’s not simply about gluttony, nor is it simply a tragic celebration of the most shallow form of consumption of pointless consumer durables and general tat.  It’s not about trying to save incompetent retailers; nor is it about trying to get the water / plastic ratio in the oceans up closer to our 50/50 target.  No, Christmas is about wanking to pornography featuring women dressed up as elves and it’s about the story of Jesus, the baby with the beard.


Top 10 Current Local Bands – Guildford and Surrounds – November 2018

November 26, 2018

The last one was here – ages ago –

Some of the below bands are new to the list, some are old. Employed To Serve are not here because they’re too established.  Maybe Tuskar shouldn’t be here on that basis.  Some bands have moved down more because of inactivity than anything else… and I hope they’ll move back up.

Basically these are the bands who are playing and putting out shit ’round here, who are fucking awesome.

Feedback welcome. Noise a guitar makes I mean, not your replies.  [Old joke].

(1) Tuskar [New Entry].  Just total sonic assault, superb live, as good on record, new ep out soon, heavy as, just come back from France.  As I say, should they even be on this list?

(2) Oz & the Kryds [New Entry].  Grungey garage meets doom, fucking awesome.  This on youtube just now prompted the list –



(3) Moper [Up Five].  High on the list due to sheer brilliance, get your arses into gear please.  Rumours of new album being recorded in the new year… their fourth.

(4) Slug 13 [Down one]. Lost a bassist, but no sense of slowing down.  Cut ep here from a few months ago…

(5) Swords of Thought [Down three].  I think of them as quite poppy.  They’re not, they’re noisy.  I like noisy.  Another top notch recent ep –

(6) Space Church [Down Two].  Almost as quiet as Moper, but eagerly awaited.

(7) E.S.P. [New Entry].  Nuts fashion funk.


(8) Void_Null [New entry].  Impressive audio visual show. Modular heaven.

(9) D.B.A. [New Entry].  3 rappers, party music, good times, only seen them once but boy they’re good.

(10) Princess [New Entry].  Quiet recently but loud.  Noise rock heaven.

RIP – Pensevor.  RIP I think – Who Saw The Light.  Both would be Top 5 at least if they were still going.

edit – I knew I’d forget people.  Freakouts should be on there… but they’ve only got one more gig to go, so fuck it, not made the cut, already saying goodbye.

Wyse, ESP, Rose Coloured, FRNK

November 15, 2018

Not my thing really, but Wyse‘s “Rhythm She Knows” is damn fine pop out in a week (23rd November) on Rose Coloured.  Switch Of My Controller ep.  Buy on vinyl or download here –

ESP have been uploading genius again.

Or checkout FRNK here – words fail me – something to do with Jason Statham, a Freakout and ESP – “chilled acid gabba” are the words that spring to mind as I listen to Hurley Burley Carpet Knife. Not that it’s that chilled. 

[As an aside there is something wonderful about the idea of seeing how fast you can make chillout music. ]

Three Gigs Tonight… November 14th 2018

November 14, 2018

I’ve still never seen Blackwaters, but they’re local guys done good, energetic, poppy punk… House of Vans at Waterloo…

Cyberwaste hits the Amersham Arms in New Cross for a night of electronic music.  The album is nearing completion, plans are afoot for an expanded live show… keep your eyes peeled…

An Early Haunting open at the Star Inn, Guildford.  Jasta 11 are putting it on.  Aside from An Early Haunting’s soundtrack-influenced, kinda post-rock, instrumental thing I have no idea what to expect – but you know what? I’m going.

A few releases… and other stuff…

October 28, 2018

Bit late with some of this, but here goes…

Freakouts have a new track out –

More of what we’ve come to expect… straight to the fucking point grungey punk.  Have to say that this isn’t my favourite of theirs (I’d give it 8.5/10 if I did marks, but I NEVER EVER DO, don’t even mention them), but I think I’d explode if I saw them live and every one was as good as their best.  Go see ’em.

Quick, because their next few dates are their last.  BOO.  Boileroom 29th October 2018.  And London and Brighton off the top of my head.

Slug 13 have released the “Cut” ep.  Their first release since paring down to a two piece sees them moving a touch towards noise-rock and a touch away from grunge.   Or summat.  The old them could have probably passed for a kinda normal hard rock act at a push, maybe, if the audience were drunk enough, but harder to see that side of them in a post-bassist world.  That ain’t no criticism.

“Cut” is probably the standout. Nick Holland’s lyrics are about as fucking miserable as it’s possible to get.  I love the way the riffs hit a sweet spot between “caveman level” and “pretty simple rock riff”.  “Nothing Left” is great… and to be clear, my feeling on caveman riffs is “The Troggs wrote some of the best riffs of all time, and they were literally troglodytes”.  Only funnier.  And with electric guitars.

Every track features a variation on the word death (die, dead, died etc) – apart from “Exit Strategy” which features the line “show me the sense in living this life” and “Cut” which mentions hell and torture and makes the request to “cut me”.  Cheery fuckers.

Check the ep here…

Oz and the Kryds have just played a couple of gigs in Guildford – 18th and 24th of October.  Went to the one on the 24th at the Star and their fuzz-garage-punk hit me hard yet again.  Insanely heavy, verging on doom at times, psych / shoegaze at others, they still manage da groove.  Love it.

Oz’s Spotify account has an album up called Screwdriver that I don’t think I’ve got around to reviewing… and allegedly the next one’s dropping early next year (I think).

Tuskar have just released the awesome “The Tide” – the first track off of “The Tide, Beneath, The Wall” – their new Riff Rock Records release (out 7th December).  Sam Thredder recorded it at the Cro’s Nest, and it fucking rocks.  It also – allegedly – if you can believe my other half – has the power of giving one the hiccups.  Seriously, she blamed the Tide for giving her hiccups.  Insane.  Something about that guitar tone that is simultaneously heavy and fucked, and Tyler’s one of those rare drummers you’d be tempted to go see play live even if he was standing in for the usual drummer in some band you hate.

And an old track for you –