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Wyse, ESP, Rose Coloured, FRNK

November 15, 2018

Not my thing really, but Wyse‘s “Rhythm She Knows” is damn fine pop out in a week (23rd November) on Rose Coloured.  Switch Of My Controller ep.  Buy on vinyl or download here –

ESP have been uploading genius again.

Or checkout FRNK here – words fail me – something to do with Jason Statham, a Freakout and ESP – “chilled acid gabba” are the words that spring to mind as I listen to Hurley Burley Carpet Knife. Not that it’s that chilled. 

[As an aside there is something wonderful about the idea of seeing how fast you can make chillout music. ]


Three Gigs Tonight… November 14th 2018

November 14, 2018

I’ve still never seen Blackwaters, but they’re local guys done good, energetic, poppy punk… House of Vans at Waterloo…

Cyberwaste hits the Amersham Arms in New Cross for a night of electronic music.  The album is nearing completion, plans are afoot for an expanded live show… keep your eyes peeled…

An Early Haunting open at the Star Inn, Guildford.  Jasta 11 are putting it on.  Aside from An Early Haunting’s soundtrack-influenced, kinda post-rock, instrumental thing I have no idea what to expect – but you know what? I’m going.

A few releases… and other stuff…

October 28, 2018

Bit late with some of this, but here goes…

Freakouts have a new track out –

More of what we’ve come to expect… straight to the fucking point grungey punk.  Have to say that this isn’t my favourite of theirs (I’d give it 8.5/10 if I did marks, but I NEVER EVER DO, don’t even mention them), but I think I’d explode if I saw them live and every one was as good as their best.  Go see ’em.

Quick, because their next few dates are their last.  BOO.  Boileroom 29th October 2018.  And London and Brighton off the top of my head.

Slug 13 have released the “Cut” ep.  Their first release since paring down to a two piece sees them moving a touch towards noise-rock and a touch away from grunge.   Or summat.  The old them could have probably passed for a kinda normal hard rock act at a push, maybe, if the audience were drunk enough, but harder to see that side of them in a post-bassist world.  That ain’t no criticism.

“Cut” is probably the standout. Nick Holland’s lyrics are about as fucking miserable as it’s possible to get.  I love the way the riffs hit a sweet spot between “caveman level” and “pretty simple rock riff”.  “Nothing Left” is great… and to be clear, my feeling on caveman riffs is “The Troggs wrote some of the best riffs of all time, and they were literally troglodytes”.  Only funnier.  And with electric guitars.

Every track features a variation on the word death (die, dead, died etc) – apart from “Exit Strategy” which features the line “show me the sense in living this life” and “Cut” which mentions hell and torture and makes the request to “cut me”.  Cheery fuckers.

Check the ep here…

Oz and the Kryds have just played a couple of gigs in Guildford – 18th and 24th of October.  Went to the one on the 24th at the Star and their fuzz-garage-punk hit me hard yet again.  Insanely heavy, verging on doom at times, psych / shoegaze at others, they still manage da groove.  Love it.

Oz’s Spotify account has an album up called Screwdriver that I don’t think I’ve got around to reviewing… and allegedly the next one’s dropping early next year (I think).

Tuskar have just released the awesome “The Tide” – the first track off of “The Tide, Beneath, The Wall” – their new Riff Rock Records release (out 7th December).  Sam Thredder recorded it at the Cro’s Nest, and it fucking rocks.  It also – allegedly – if you can believe my other half – has the power of giving one the hiccups.  Seriously, she blamed the Tide for giving her hiccups.  Insane.  Something about that guitar tone that is simultaneously heavy and fucked, and Tyler’s one of those rare drummers you’d be tempted to go see play live even if he was standing in for the usual drummer in some band you hate.

And an old track for you –


Freakouts – Downers

October 4, 2018

Review to follow, with luck… in the meantime this post is being written well in advance and lined-up to hit the net on the day of release… I’m sure it’ll be great…

Freakouts Downers 051018

A quick round-up of stuff that’s caught my eye… Pt 3…

September 25, 2018

No sooner have I hit “post” on Pt 2 I start seeing other stuff… am writing this on Sunday, to post on Tuesday I reckon.

Not really my thing but I kinda quite like this track from Wyse

Rose Coloured Records deserve so much more attention on this blog than they get – I say deserve because I love what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, but the reason they don’t is that there is so much going on around me that features styles of music I prefer to the predominantly indie / poppy stuff they put on.

On a similar note… Joe Booley, Failure By Design, Beth Shalom, Let’s Stop Hanging Out

A gig at the Star – pretty sure I’ve heard good things about Victus, and Heinous Pianist are a band I’ve been meaning to go see for ages now.


Blackwaters play the Boileroom on October 22nd.  Still not seen them live which tells you all you need to know about how much good stuff is going on that I’m managed to find excuses not to get to one of their gigs.  It’s a bit like Slug 13 coming  up at the Swamp on the 5th October.  I love Slug 13.  I like The Swamp a lot.  I was planning on going.  Now I’ve seen there’s stuff happening in Guildford on the 4th and the 6th, and I really can’t be going out three nights running without the better half using a rusty old baked bean tin as a testicle removal device on me.

Honey Hahs are playing the Boileroom soon.  Don’t go see them, because it will only encourage the exploitation of minors and what sort of freak would you have to be to think that kids this young can have anything worth saying (if indeed their words are their words). Seriously, I’m all for encouraging kids to get into music, but on what basis would any parent think having their young kids on public stages in gig environments is a good idea?  [Either they’re gonna face the real world far too soon, or they’re going to be mislead into thinking they’re seeing the real world far too soon, when in fact they’re being shown a sanitised version from inside a bubble – dependent on what percentage of the audience are eartarded twoons / live their whole lives like they are teaching day one or reception, and what percentage believe that bad art should be called out for what it is].  Seriously, why would someone of gig-going age be interested in seeing a bunch of squeaky pubescent and pre-pubescent girls making boring indie?  Seriously, why would anyone wanna go see boring indie like this full stop? Why on earth are Rough Trade encouraging them?  Seriously Rought Trade, fuck off, my opinion of your “brand” has just fallen through the floor.  The whole thing’s just deeply fucked up and shit.  If anyone thinks that this paragraph is unduly harsh then –

(1)  You’re wrong

(2)  I really did fucking hold back just then

(3)  You’re making my point for me – whilst I believe in encouraging and supporting the scene and it’s participants, I also believe in calling out bullshit.  If you can’t handle that then you shouldn’t be putting your stuff out there, or you should maybe hold fire until such time as you’re mature enough to accept that not everyone does win a trophy, not least kids in an adult world.

Wey Valley Radio’s “The Playlist” show last week needs a listen, not least for the likes of Aching Muscle and Slug 13 who played the Lounge Bar birthday party.

Weatherstate continue to confuse me.  I literally cannot make my mind up whether they are pop-punk at it’s finest, great energy, great melodies, great vox, blah blah blah… they really do have something about them… or whether they’re just pointless shit like most pop-punk.

Heard great things about Big Joanie, must check ’em out soon.

Gigs / events this week and a bit further forward – Guildford and surrounding…

September 24, 2018

Fresh, Me Rex, Tea Leaf (acoustic)
The Keep, Guildford, Weds 26th September 2018

Aldershot Modular Cafe
West End Centre, Aldershot, Thurs 27th September 2018

Guildford Rhymes Volume XIII [UpSet Collective]
Casino Nightclub, Guildford, Thurs 4th October 2018.  Date change – this might be moving to the 11th October 2018.  TBC TBC.

Beggar, Archelon, The Lunar Effect, Slug 13 [The Swamp]
Facebar, Reading, Friday 5th October 2018

blanket, Matro Rancho, Mikey Riley [F4Wt Spaces4Sound]
The Star Inn, Guildford, Sat 6th October 2018

Kayla Painter, Nanye, The Sleepwalker [Trial N’ Error]
The Star Inn, Guildford, Weds 17th October 2018

Always remember to check –

A quick round-up of stuff that’s caught my eye… Pt 2…

September 23, 2018

Parachute For Gordo are going to be recording soon with Mark Roberts (producer of Dorje, The Physics House Band, Black Peaks etc).  They’re threatening us with a little interim release to plug the gap until the new stuff comes out proper.

Tuskar have been making a video… no idea yet what they’re releasing but my eyes are peeled and I’m itchin’ to hear whatever sludge-doom genius they come up with next.

Owen “Circle of Tone” Gibbons reckons cheap strings sound better than expensive strings… albeit the more expensive ones are much less likely to break and have better tuning stability… mmmm… one to think about, maybe…  I love Owen.

I met the bass player of Wild Tales at Aldershot station and he was very nice and helped me plan my journey home.  Nice, melodic / pop punk end of math-rock, or something like that.  A quick bit of googling and it seems they have links with itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Wallflower, which presumably means Failure By Design too.

F4WT (Forward for Wiz Trust) have released a little video about their Spaces4Sound project.  I have to say that I’ve got a lot of time for what they’re trying to do, how they’re trying to do it and the people involved

Tangent Part 1 – My favourite ways of listening to music.  Check a band out on youtube or bandcamp.  If you like the music then buy it from bandcamp (or download it free, or gift the artist cash for it), or buy a record or CD.  Rip the CD, or use the download code that came with the record, and stick the music on iTunes on my computer, and on my iPod.  I have a folder for all my music, and another folder for just the best 80 gig of music I have (as that’s how much fits on my iPod classic), and I have a “3 plays needed” folder where everything I buy or download goes until I have listened to it at least three times.

Connor Rapper‘s released a new track –

Or try “Slam Dunk”in’ it –

Tangent Part 2 – I hate big companies, including Apple who I have a love / hate relationship with.  (Past more love, now more hate, but there was a lot I loved about the Macs I’ve had in the past.)  BUT BUT BUT – fair play to Apple for the iPod Classic – I have had mine for I really don’t know how many years now.  It might be 16 years, maybe it’s only 13 or 14, but if I had to guess I’d say 15.  It still works fine.  The battery life is waning a bit, but it’s not at all bad.  Screen fine, looks smart.  Love it, really love it.  It’s nice having a smart phone as back-up for music playing, but I like having a dedicated bit of hardware to keep me rockin’ wherever I am.

Upset Collective hit Casino in Guildford on Thursday 4th October putting on a night of hip-hop.  Edit – this might now be on 11th October – TBC.

Bis.  Or rather a load of their old CDs in a junk shop.  Bought a half dozen, will check ’em soon.  Just going through a stack of CDs that I have bought over the last few months and haven’t got round to playing or ripping.

One of the CDs I bought is a 3 CD MC5 bootleg live anthology.  Can’t wait, not least as I’ve been reading “Guitar Army” by John Sinclair… a book that is less about the MC5, and more about the 1960s counter-culture movement in the states (which in itself says a lot about the struggles ordinary people, young people, minorities and people who don’t buy into corporate bullshit – ie the vast majority who are not rich, white heterosexuals and some who are) face across the world to this day). Part of it covers the White Panther movement, which, to grossly oversimplify, was a bunch of white hippies saying that the system that was oppressing black people in the States was oppressing them too, albeit in not the same way.

Tangent Part 3 – Obviously I’m from an older generation, but for me I just don’t get Spotify.  Music is to be sought out and then you play a band’s music or a specific album because you want to.   Having some DJ or playlist curator feed you stuff is good, kinda, but is far too passive and there’s no DJ or playlist curator who has my precise tastes and lives in Guildford, so they can’t possibly scurate for me in the way I want.

I get a musician wanting stuff on Spotify… I will check music out on Spotify if I have to… but I’d much rather check it out on bandcamp and if I like it I’ll pay you for it.  Can’t say fairer than that.

I’ve learnt that Nick from Slug 13 was almost as cute as a young kid as he was as a long-haired teen… which is DAMN CUTE.  Not that that’s a surprise, some people – he’s one, I like to think I’m another – just get better and better with age.  I got fed up with carrying round a big stick to beat them off with, so now I just talk shit and don’t wash to try to minimise the sexual harrassment I face daily.


Manifestos.  Why hasn’t every band got a manifesto?  Message to all bands I have ever been nice about – I take it all back, but reserve the right to reinstate my compliments after I have read, digested, thought about and critiqued your manifesto which you must write NOW.  I HATE MANIFESTOLESS WANKERS.

Fuck, why hasn’t this blog got a manifesto – or at least one more specific and ambitious than some of the vagues aims I might mention from time to time?  Might have to do one one day if I can be arsed.  Did I mention I hate slackers?

A quick round-up of stuff that’s caught my eye…

September 20, 2018

Slug 13 have released the “Cut” ep.  Their first release since paring down to a two piece sees them moving a touch towards noise-rock and a touch away from grunge.  They hit the Swamp in Reading on 5th October.

Check the ep here…

Oz and the Kryds have gigs coming up in Guildford on 18th and 24th of October.

Oz’s Spotify account has an album up called Screwdriver that I don’t think I’ve got around to reviewing… and allegedly the next one’s dropping early next year (I think).

Meeting 2 of the Aldershot Modular Cafe happens on 27th September at the Westie.

Kayla Painter brings abstrct electronica to the Star on 17th October.  [Full disclosure / disclaimer – I’m helping out a bit with this one]

The F4WT (Forward for Wiz Trust – a charity supporting young musicians) are putting  bands on at the Star on 6th october.  Expect – blanket (cinematic post rock); Matro Rancho (heavy trans-era rock); Mikey Riley ft. James Armstrong (experimental ambient & drone); Project Untitled.

Freakouts have a new track out on 5th October for all you punk fans (you know what, blog post coming up which will explain the entire history of good music and why punk is not a genre in under 1000 words).  Freakouts aren’t punk.  Maybe they are.  They do have energy and genius and less hair.

Slow Clinic have released Music For Slow Moving Arpeggiators –

I’m not the biggest indie fan out there, but love the vid, love the bassist, and think that People In Museums have got something about them… the energy and the old “far too many words per line” thing which I’m a sucker for…

What have I missed?  Let me know and I might do Pt 2.

Tuskar and My Diablo – live at the Devonshire Arms, Camden 29th August 2018

September 9, 2018

Very brief review of part of the night…

My Diablo are massive Led Zepp fans.  They rock out in guitar-drums-duo kinda simple riffin’ kinda way… I enjoyed them… they were at their best doing Negative Creep with Tyler Tuskar on vox… or was that when their guitarist tripped over his own guitar case and fell backwards off the stage… comedy in music is much underrated.  Seriously, I really don’t give a fuck if bands fuck up or are unprofessional… it’s all about making the audience happy – job done, the riffs were augmented by the unintentional hilarity.  Worth checking out, and would probably be perfect for Leafy Incline’s upcoming “four no. two-pieces night” – 16th September at the Star Inn, Guildford.

Tuskar are just awesome.  Sludge doom riffing of a top top quality gets shifted up three or four levels by virtue of –

Incredible drumming
Metal atmospherics often missing from their core genres
Good looks
Guinness (theirs, mine, both?)

I don’t drink guiness very often, been years probably, but in honour of the mighty Tuskar I necked four pints of black Irish goodness.   I took a few photos and have nothing else to say.

Tom Dimmock does his world-famous flamingo impression…


Tuskar Tusking…


Tuskar Tusking harder…


Tom Dimmock does his world-famous flamingo impression AND demonstrates what happens when you use a camera zoom in reverse…


Tyler Hodges’ hair gets jealous and photo-bombs a photo of Tom Dimmock… fucking photo-bombers…


You have angered me and I am going to hit you hard with these sticks…


A cab and a guitar and a mic, some other shit and a knee…


Wild Eye Gig Guide – 9th September 2018

September 9, 2018

Weekly gig guide… hey ho, let’s go…

Tacado, Serpent Tax, Swords of Thought, Shockpowder – Sunday 9th September, Stag’s Head, Hoxton, London

Vibracore, Noisepicker, Slug 13, The Boss Says Kill, Aching Muscle, Wingo Lamo, Say Your Prayers – Saturday 15th September, the Lounge Bar, Alton

The Sun and The Stars, Nyogtha and Mountainscape – Saturday 15th September at the Facebar in Reading.

Noisepicker, Slug 13, Treasure of Woe, Troll Mother – Sunday 16th September, Star Inn, Guildford.

For more – especially further into the future – check out the Wild Eye facebook events page –

And –