Gid Sedgwick – “Ochos” Album Review

June 16, 2018

Why why why do I like this?  Reasons I should not like it include that I’m not the biggest modern pop fan… that it kinda reminds me of electronica (which can be pretty boring compared to the sound of unrefined undiluted noisy electric guitars, or the techno of my youth).  It kinda reminds me of 80s sound I hate (I love some 80s pop records, detest others… it’s the darker stuff I tend to hate).  But I do really like it.

It’s chilled electronica, well produced, just works.  Opening track Ochos features one of my favourite things in music – when the singer tries to fit far too many syllables into each line.  It’s not just Ochos to be fair, it’s a bit of a habit Gid Sedgwick has and I love it.  Call Em Up is probably the most laid back track on the album… nice enough but probably my least favourite.  Maybe it needs something a bit more edgy in place of the piano?

Back to form on Paper Clip… so laid back, so little to it, so right.

Two Up To The Rich is back to the too many syllables thing in a big way… it’s kinda the sweet spot between singing and the lyrical flow that a rapper might employ.  Great track when it kicks in.  Substance Sustenance… so laid back, so little to it, so right.

All the songs are pretty damn catchy, not least Hearing You So Well.  WTF do I know about music?  Nothing.  I do know, however, that getting this much energy into a song is a pretty impressive achievement, especially given I can’t identify quite how it’s there.

Born Bored Kids could almost be Aphex Twin, in it’s fucked up beats (massively compliment), but this is pop.  The stuttery synth sound works perfectly.

Saw something on the NME website that compared Gid to The 1975, M83 and The Weeknd.  I did some checking, by reference to two songs each from each band –

The Weeknd Call Out My Name is fucking shit compared to anything on Ochos.  The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk “I Feel It Coming” ditto.  Gid’s vocal style is infinitely more interesting, and Gid’s music much less obvious.

The 1975 – Give Yourself A Try has a really cool repeated guitar riff, but other than it’s so nothingy.  And the singer of The 1975 comes across as one of the biggest twats on the planet, totally unlike Gid.  Girls – drop that Mustang from the video – it is a legal requirement of bands to be better than this if they wanna play Mustangs.  It’s kinda OK, but lacks a depth that Gid has.

M83 – OK, I admit it, I only listened to one song and my brain tuned it out totally so I can only assume “boring shit”.

Album on Spotify here –

Follow Gid here –

Interview With Gid here –


The Telescopes – You Know The Way

June 15, 2018

Dark, heavy, chilled, feedback-ridden, guitar-drone noise -my second favourite band of all time, and my favourite current band… and they are hitting peaks 30 years into their career that are on a level to their early output, and that’s RARE.

And how many bands can you name who could be described as drone, noise rock, shoegaze, electronica, ambient, psych, with goth and jazz elements, at one time or another?

And their early demos from about 1988 – never found them online, but they’re seriously good.

Richard Hell & Voidoids – Blank Generation

June 15, 2018

What a great old song –

The Telescopes – Stephen Lawrie Interview

June 14, 2018

OK, so maybe you’re not all MASSIVE Telescopes fan but just started listening to this… great… learning stuff from minute one…

Writing more now I have listened… so interesting, childhood, early days of the band, a bit about the recording of all of the albums… OK, so some of my millions of readers might not be that interested by the Telescopes, but you really should be.  I am planning on posting a load more Telescopes stuff soon.

In the meantime the final track from their 1989 debut, played live 20 years later, a perfect balance of chilled aggression, psych noise, stunning, like pretty much everything  they have ever done.  For those who don’t know I really do think you struggle to find many bands who have released such a wide range of material –

NME on Spiritualized

June 13, 2018

So, some guy from NME writes some crap here –

Let’s get a few things straight –

‘I’m Your Man’ and ‘Perfect Miracle’ find Spiritualized filled with naïve, childlike wonder” – I’d buy these words it if they said “‘I’m Your Man’ and ‘Perfect Miracle’ find Spiritualized filled with wonder, as in ‘I wonder why we bothered to make this shit record'”.
Both clock in at around four minutes, for example, where most tracks from the last album were double that.”  I know my blog is total shit as well, but I don’t represent 50 plus years of music writing heritage, nor do I take cash for adverts.  What a fucking pointless thing to write.
“He steers the tracks softly, gentle in his exploration of new terrain.”  No he doesn’t.  He does the whole fucking build to crescendo, back down, build to crescendo, back down that he’s made a whole fucking tedious career of.
“Inspired by the past, yet continuing to push forwards”.  Indebted to the past and determined to repeat the same thing decade after decade would be more accurate.  Seriously, when did he last do something on record that he hadn’t done before?
“… on the upcoming record ‘And Nothing Hurt’, which Pierce has threatened to make his last”.  That doesn’t sound like a threat to me.  Please please can it be a promise.  Actually, no, reform Spacemen 3.  You know what, I think I’ve actually got to the point that I don’t want them to reform, Jason’s too far gone from his roots to be able to make a Spacemen 3 reformation be anything other than the Spiritualization and destruction of the memory of his infinitely better earlier band.
“… ‘Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’, a record so great that it pipped Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ to the post in NME’s Albums of the Year list.”  Are Radiohead the one band worse than Spiritualized in the last 20 years?  Maybe.  Shit, NME, your taste is baaaadddd.
“… [He] has steadfastly refused to become a nostalgia act.” Surely if you make the same record for 20 years that is basically becoming a nostalgia aact even if you don’t play all the old songs live?  Surely not becoming a nostalgia act is the bare minimum that one can expect from a band who want reviews better than “0/10 – fucking shit on every level”?
If Jason Pierce wants to see what another heavy psychedelic 80s band can do then I suggest he checks out The Telescopes who I’m gonna be banging on a lot about over the next week or two… two albums last year, both brilliant, both unique within the Telescopes back catalogue.  Stephen Lawrie – with a smaller budget – has come up with two new and brilliant albums in 1/6th the time it took Jason Pierce to repeat his last four albums yet again.

Hip-Hop – Komo – Guildford – 6th June 2018

June 13, 2018

So, I missed the drum and bass that ended the night, and the R and B singer who apparently played after Rodsuit.

I did see Connor Rapper, Rodsuit and then three other guys together (including Cappa).

Now maybe I’m stupid, maybe I should have spoken to the guy I think was promoting longer, maybe I should have had a paper and pencil with me when I did, but I’d really like to know…

Who was providing the beats for Connor?

Same question Rodsuit?

Same question the three guys?  And who were the three guys?

I know I know.  It’s not hard to ask questions, but come on you lot – you really wanna let people know who you are – make it easy for them – to maximise the chances of them listening to and sharing your music.

A couple of friend requests and messages later – including Fin Wakefield who put the night on – and this review can be a bit more informative, if a little held back by my lack of knowledge of rap, it’s sub-genres and music generally… and the effect of alcohol on memory and the fact I never take notes cos this shit ain’t serious (the blog that is, the music mentioned is deadly).

I really like Connor‘s style, not sure I’m big on the term nerdcore, it’s just what he does is a more interesting sub-set of hip-hop than arrogantdumbassshallowcapitalistbullshitmisogynistcore (do some people call it gangster rap, or just rap?)  Rhymes flow at pace, beats do it for me, yeah.  Not sure where he’s going with this, but I hope he moves in a Dans Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip kinda political direction, there’s hints in what he does that he could.  When I say political I don’t just mean “Westminster politics” I mean the politics of everyday decisions, the way you live your life.  What am I on about?  Someone help me out here.

Rodsuit, Dom Curtis to be less stage-namey about it, was not my favourite of the night, but if you were gonna pick the guy with the most memorable, catchy-vocal-hook tracks he’s probably the winner.  Will keep an eye.  Nice.  Beats apparently mainly by a guy called Callum Payne aka Pond Life.  This blog is partly a note to self for future reference.

Up last were three guys (being Cappa, Lucas Ramsell and Burns Montgomery), trading as DBA.  This ain’t hip-hop really, this is party music, modern, proper party music with three guys bouncing off each other to great effect.  Damn fine shit.  Seriously, the vibe between them and the seriously funky beats did it for me in a BIG way… some music says “get the fuck up off your arse and dance”.  Some says “smile you miserable fucker, this is a party”.  Both together = GOOD.

TLDR – favourite rapper – Connor; closest to having a hit track in the bag – Rodsuit; most enjoyable set and best party music – DBA.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – go to the following link –

follow the page and send me a message if you wanna share any more details of who did what beats and where to go to check out your music.  And DBA – fuck knows what your hopes and dreams are, what you can achieve as individuals and collaberating with others…. but gut feel says that you lot bring the best out of each other…

The Biggest Pile Of Steaming Shit I’ve Heard In Ages

June 12, 2018

So here goes –

Things that make this shit –

(1)  Poxy start.

(2)  Jason Pierce’s band featuring Jason fucking Pierce?  Really!

(3)  That he calls himself J. Spaceman.

(4)  That fucking spacesuit a-fucking-gain.

(5)  Oh it’s a fucking video filmed in a fucking desert with an old car.  How fucking original.

OK, now for the serious stuff –

(6)  There was this band.  They were fucking great, mainly because of the combination of their two singing, song-writing guitarists – two complementary sensibilities that worked together so well.  Fortunately for Sonic finding some cunt who can play a bit of blues-y guitar ain’t that difficult, and there’s a million and one things you can do musically without a bit of blues-y guitar.  Unfortunately for Jason you can’t just bring in a genius, especially if you’re a control-freak.

(7)  The song is basically everything that is wrong with music – ie fucking shit bollocks that sounds like just about any other Spiritualized crap that I’ve heard in the last 20 years (pretty much none through choice).

(8)  Spacemen 3 took blues and gospel, mixed it with all sorts and did something raw and original.  Jason takes Spacemen 3 and says “what do I have to build on the groundwork that me and Sonic did in order to –

(i)  become the archetypal Jools Holland band.

(ii)  sell records to coffee table cunts?”

So what can I do?  Play up the blues and gospel aspects.  Expensive production values.  Forget that Suicide and Krautrock and the Stooges and shit like the Gun Club were an influence.  Keep it boring and obvious and especially keep it nice.  Nice is so nice.  [Actually in people nice is the main thing – apart from when they’re reviewing steaming pile of shit records of course – but in music it’s not much of a selling point for non-cunts.]

(9)  Well, how about using strings and brass like it’s some old soul record?  Use poxy blues guitar lines that represent everything that is wrong with white-boy, classic-rock (everything that Spacemen 3 and the entire alternative subculture was born to resist), shit-cunt blues?  Build to heavenly crescendos?  Do the same thing over and fucking over for decades just to stress how real and authentic this pox-fest is?

(10)  I did love Spiritualized in their early years, but they so rapidly decended to a predictable, FUCKING INCREDIBLY BORING, obvious, shit fest of cliche and self-parody.

(11)  Did I mention just how much it sounds like Jason spent years planning on how to appeal to the biggest cunt in music – Jools cunting Holland?

(12)  By the way, Spiritualized are about the same number of years into their career as the fucking Stones were in 1988.  Think about that.

(13)  I don’t sell records very often, but I should probably look into what the early Spiritualized output is worth.

(14)  Seriously, Jason compare your output to what your old band-mate has managed recently?  The fucker is miles behind you interms of technical proficiency and budget… but in terms of interesting, forward looking output – let alone quality – he is a fucking marathon ahead of you.



Connor Rapper

June 12, 2018

I really like what Connor does… check him out here and give him a share –

And I think I’ve posted this one before – great track, great video by Ben from UpSet too –

Message to Bands and Friends

June 8, 2018

If I ever don’t make it to a gig then please accept my apologies and please assume that one of the following is the reason, if not a combination –

(1)  My car is fucked and other methods of transport are either too expensive or impractical.

(2)  I am knackered due to work and / or young son.

(3)  The people who run the venue have pissed me off which has reduced my likelihood of attending a show unless the band really is an all time favourite.  Examples of things that piss me off are patronising bullshit excuses, poor customer service, poor treatment of bands or bullshit right-wing politics.

(4)  I have managed to get a day to myself and have proceeded to get trashed over six hours watching live sport (probably football or cricket) on the internet and just cannot find the energy to leave the house.

(5)  I have reason to be on top form for work the following day and just cannot risk going out and being tired or hungover as a result.

(6)  I was out recently and cannot completely take the piss out of the other half by leaving her home alone (or rather looking after Jr) again.

(7)  I want a night in to play around with a guitar, a load of pedals and a couple of loopers.

(8)  West Ham are on the telly.

The last couple of gigs I missed were down to (1), (4) and (6) mainly.

Mark E. Smith…

June 6, 2018

… was in a band called the Fall.  Heard of them?  Seriously though, they’re a band I have liked for the best part of 30 years, but I’ve never really explored them in depth or fallen in love with.

Anyway, I’ve just read “Renegade – the Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith” and that got me on youtube watching interviews with him.  He comes across as somewhere between a cantankerous and outrageously contradictory wind-up merchant, and a TFA as Silverfish might put it – a Total Fucking Arsehole.

And eventually I found an interview where he seemed to quite like and respect the interviewer, this is Mark E. Smith on his best bahaviour –