Promoters A to Z

This is quite a wide-ranging list that goes beyond what I love.  Let me know if you want to be added or you think something needs removing or correcting.  Focuses on the Guildford, Farnborough, Aldershot axis but extends further to Basingstoke, Reading, Kingston etc, and includes some promoters from a little further afield who seem to have close links to Guildford, Aldershot etc.

Promoters A-Z

Blag Promotions
Indie etc.

The Buffalo Club
Noise rock and various experimental and heavy alternative acts.

Concrete Rat
Sludge / stoner / doom / metal mainly.

Annual Festival in Guildford – math, emo, post rock etc.

Forward 4 Wiz Trust
Indie, alternative, all sorts.  Cahrity supporting young bands around Aldershot Farnborough as well as promoting gigs.

Full Heat Promotions
All sorts / not sure!

Metal, Experimental/Avant-garde, Drone and Ambient music.

Jasta 11
Indie, alternative, all sorts.
Jasta 11 Gigs Facebook Page

Leafy Incline 
Noisy, grungey stuff.
Leafy Incline Promotions Facebook Page

Massive Promotions
Rock, alternative rock.

McWeirdo Technology Presents
Indie, punk, LGBT+

Pathfinder Promotions
Metal.  Other stuff?

People Music
Folk and Americana mainly.
People Music Promotions Facebook Page

Hip-hop, rap

Progressive Promotions
The progressive and technical end of metal.  Not my thing.

Rose Coloured
Indie, alternative, all sorts.
Rose Coloured Records Facebook Page

The Swamp
Reading-based sludge and doom night.
The Swamp Reading Facebook Page

Trial N Error Productions
Experimental, alternative, anything goes.  Yes my thing.

Uncle Roy Promotions

Rap, hip-hop, metal etc etc.


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