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Allusondrugs – Boileroom Guildford 4th August

July 14, 2016

I can’t make this one, but it looks like the Boileroom’s bookers are keeping up the standards… the poppy and indie end of grunge, plenty enough to keep things interesting.


Weaves | Nervus – Boileroom, Guildford 4th July 2016

July 13, 2016

I missed Barney Packer and Grafted because I was watching the Tour de France highlights – go Cav!  Bad Wild Eye.  Sorry Barney Packer.  Sorry Grafted

Nervus had their moments.  Not bad at all, would be more than happy to see them listed as a support act for a band I wanted to see.  Curious.  But I didn’t get ‘em, nothing grabbed me and shook me.  Were they a guitar bass drums back-drop to a keyboardist / vocalist / performance artist?  Probably not, but they could have been.  On their Bandcamp page they describes themselves as “melodic punk pop pop punk emo indie rock math rock”. That’s probably fair.  They could be a case study for a series of posts I have planned (watch this space).

Wowzers.  Weaves are a top, tight band.  Robotic at times, afro-beat, peverse, damn fine, tight, really alternative and odd.  It helps when a band has a really tight rhythm section, with individually brilliant drummer and bassist.  Add a shit hot vocalist and a fine fine guitarist and some strange twisted indie soul pop songs and you have a really decent weird pop band.

If you gave Sonic Youth a more stereotypically talented singer and a couple of Foals records and told them to go make hits, they might sound like this.   If they were on Later… they’d definitely be one of the best bands of the night… but the flip-side to this undoubted compliment is that they are a bit too much of a Later… band.  They’re in no way bland, but they are perhaps a bit too nice for my tastes.  Very twee at times too… again not something I particularly object too, I have my cutie / Sarah past, but then again not something I’m looking for in my life right now.

Go see Weaves.

Buffalo Club – Space Church – August 6th 2016

June 17, 2016

Space Church are the first band to be announced as playing at the Buffalo Club at the Star on August 6th 2016… awesome, loud band, and this is their album launch.  Get yo ass down.

WOMPS – TODAY – June 9th, Lexington, London

June 9, 2016

I’ve not yet had the chance to see WOMPS live, but I did have the privilege of seeing their predecessors Algernon Doll a year or two back.  They rocked, and reminded me of LOTS of my favourite bands (mainly the noisy, grungy, but strangly poppy end of US 80’s / 90’s Alt-Rock / Grunge.  By poppy perhaps all I mean is that they knew how to write a song.

WOMPS seem to have taken the post-punk influnces a bit more seriously.  In support of their Steve Albini engineered album “Our Fertile Forever” they’re at the Lexington tonight – go see them if you’re in London…

WOMPS June 9th, Lexington, London

WOMPS Official

Space Church – Friday 10th June, Alton

June 7, 2016

If you can make sure you get down to the Lounge Bar in Alton this Friday to see the mighty Space Church – with Trevor’s Head, Gift of Blindness and Princess.

Space Church etc, 10th June