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Mark E. Smith…

June 6, 2018

… was in a band called the Fall.  Heard of them?  Seriously though, they’re a band I have liked for the best part of 30 years, but I’ve never really explored them in depth or fallen in love with.

Anyway, I’ve just read “Renegade – the Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith” and that got me on youtube watching interviews with him.  He comes across as somewhere between a cantankerous and outrageously contradictory wind-up merchant, and a TFA as Silverfish might put it – a Total Fucking Arsehole.

And eventually I found an interview where he seemed to quite like and respect the interviewer, this is Mark E. Smith on his best bahaviour –




Steve Albini on the Quietus website

August 8, 2017

Interesting interview here –

Discussing their [non]-promotional strategy he says –

“Part of it was the insult that all of us felt when stuff was being thrust at us. The “check out this hot new band” or “this is the record of the summer” kind of shit. It’s insulting and it makes me hate everyone involved. Whenever there’s active promotion on the part of somebody else, whenever I see somebody all dolled up for a fancy photograph and someone’s handing out flyers or whenever there’s active promotion for something like that, as an imposition on my day, I hate all those people and I want them to fail. I have a visceral reaction to advertising and promotion. There’s just something about salesmanship that grates on me on a very base level and I react very negatively towards it. I want those people to suffer and I want their enterprises to fail. Because of my feelings and the specific insult of having somebody tell you that you don’t know what music you like and that instead you should like this, we didn’t want to be a part of that. I didn’t want to trick anybody into buying our records. If you weren’t interested, we weren’t going to try to convince you. We’ve conducted ourselves that way ever since. I feel like it was the right decision then and I’ve been very happy with the way things have transpired in that we’ve never done anything embarrassing for attention and I don’t feel like anybody would have ever gotten into this band under false pretences.”

I am not going to say that I do and will follow his self-imposed rules to the letter – not least because Albini has the advangtage of having a name that allowed him the luxury of starting a new band and having interest immediately from the press and fans – but I have a lot of sympathy with his thoughts.  My reaction to advertising is pretty similar to his.