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MUX and The Pink Diamond Review at the Holroyd Arms in Guildford, 29th March 2018

April 6, 2018

The Holroyd Arms has been on my radar for most of the time that I’ve been back in Guildford, but it’s only fairly recently that I’ve been.  “Why not sooner?” I hear you ask.  The fact it’s a bit out of the town centre doesn’t help, not least as I hate cabs, and I hate driving and not being able to have a drink.  But mainly it’s the music.  They seem to have a focus on old school punk and mod – neither of which are particularly my thing – as well as a bit of ska, northern soul and covers bands (not my thing either, particularly).

Serious props to the Landlord for the fact that he’s taken over a pub and set up a nice little back room which is decent for live music.  10/10 for that alone.

But now he’s starting to try to open things up I think, to a wider variety of music and broader clientele.  In particular the last (and first) couple of gigs I went to there were put on by students at ACM and the university I think and attracted a pretty good crowd each time.  And here we are, a Thursday night and two bands who were both on my radar, playing together a short cycle from home… bring it on…

Anyway, the night in question.  First on The Pink Diamond Review who were on my radar before I saw the gig announced.

First the visuals.  This is the stage, before the set started. I have nothing against bands who make it all about the music – most bands – but I love the effort and the effect from Tim Lane and co.

Image may contain: one or more people and night

And that’s before the video show starts as well.

Musically it’s a backing track / hardware sequencer – I think – with live drums and guitar over the top.  Love the really retro, tremelo-y guitar sound.  Pretty catchy, think Sigue Sigue Sputnik with less pop and rock, and a psych/lounge/western sound… with a bit of rockabilly / early rock no roll or something.  I could listen to those guitars all night.

I’m not gonna go claim they’re brilliant, but they have a fuck of a lot going for them and I look forward to seeing them again.  Drop the live drummer, make it more techno-y and MUCH heavier, and it’s kinda where my musical endeavours are currently focussed… I’m not saying they should do any of those things, but it kinda gives and idea of how much I love where they’re coming from.

I can see them as the house band in a weird brothel in a David Lynch movie.  If that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is.

Mux are similar in that they are also a two-piece, with a live guitar and electronics.  Sonically, totally different.  Kinda 80s synth pop updated to a more modern dance thing, with added post-punk guitar-based experimentalism.  Or something.

Like Pink Diamond Review I love that they’re doing something different.  Not as unique as Pink Diamond, but really interesting nonetheless and much more 2018 (not sure Pink Diamond are from this dimension, let alone 2018).  Harder to work out what was live and what wasn’t – and that’s something I can find frustrating as an audience member… but from what I could work out a lot of the electronics was played and / or triggered live.

Definitely another band to keep an eye on.

There is something so powerful about a full live band at the top of it’s game, but so good to see a night where the bands did something more unusual, without simply being a dance act failing to work – inevitably – in a gig environment.


Gigs in Guildford / SW Surrey / NE Hants April 1st 2018 onwards

March 31, 2018

This gig list is stuff that gets the Wild Eye seal of approval, especially if the band or promoter are in bold.

If you look to your right you should see a page marked “Gig Listings on the Net A to Z” where I have linked a couple of local Facebook listings pages that will tell you about even more stuff.

Let me know what I am missing.  Don’t let me know that Reading is not in Surrey or Hants.

Oh yeah… always worth checking out the Boileroom and Aldershot West End Centre website as well, and what Chris at Jasta 11 is up to – links to right!

Thursday 12th April 2018
Elderseer, Gutlocker, The Forge, End Of Salvation at the Star Inn, Guildford

Saturday 14th April 2018
Hundred Year Old Man, Tuskar, Ba’al, Seven Hundredth Unicorn, and Tokahonta at the Facebar in Reading

Sunday 15th April 2018
Camcorder LP release show at the Boileroom

Sunday 15th April 2018
Sunday afternoon label market & Hora Douse + Bad Idea unplugged at the Star Inn, Guildford

Tuesday 17th April 2018
Shonen Knife at Sub89 in Reading

Sunday 22nd April 2018
Pensevor, Seven Hundredth Unicorn and Cody Noon at the Star Inn, Guildford

Monday 23rd April 2018
Waterweed (Japan) / Darko / Close To Call at the Star Inn, Guildford (Jasta 11)

Friday 27th April 2018
Stone Soup, Morass of Molasses, Mountns and Klyver at the Facebar in Reading (The Swamp)

Friday 27th April 2018
Belleview Days, Samoans, Dead State at the West End Centre Aldershot

Friday 27th April 2018
Freakouts ep release show at the Boileroom

Sunday 29th April 2018
This Is Wreckage, Slug 13, Tirana, Princess, Swords of Thought, Second In Line at the Star Inn, Guildford (Leafy Incline Promotions)

Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Black Peaks, Intechnicolour and Bitch Falcon at the West End Centre, Aldershot

Thursday 3rd May 2018
Brightlight City, I, the Lion and Daryl Vorderman at the Star Inn, Guildford (Rose Coloured)

Friday 4th May 2018
Seasonal, Camcorder, Wild Tales, Shaded at the Star Inn, Guildford (Massive Promotions)

Wednesday 9th May 2018
Who Saw The Light at The Star Inn

Saturday 12th May 2018
Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart at the Holroyd Arms

Saturday 19th May 2018
Witchdoktors, Electric Shakes, Rage DC at the Facebar in Reading

Friday 25th May 2018
PensevorMorass of Molasses, Grim Ravine, Vexed at the Facebar in Reading (The Swamp)

Sunday 27th May 2018
Space Church and more TBC at the Star Inn, Guildford (Buffalo Club)

Friday 15th June 2018
Thuum, Morass of Molasses, Stray Bullets and Wychound at the Facebar in Reading (The Swamp)

Sunday 16th September 2018
TBC at the Star Inn, Guildford (Leafy Incline Promotions)

Tuesday 18th September 2018
The Wedding Present at the Boileroom, Guildford

Past Events –

Thursday 29th March 2018
MUX, The Pink Diamond Review at the Holroyd Arms, Guildford

Saturday 31st March 2018
BlackWaters, SPIT plus more at the Boileroom Guildford

Saturday 31st March 2018
Trevor’s Head at the Star Inn, Guildford

Thursday April 5th 2018
Shonen Knife
, Screech Bats, Swords of Thought at the Boileroom Guildford

Thursday 5th April 2018
MUX at the Cave at The Holly Tree in Addleston

Friday 6th April 2018
Henry Blacker, Head Drop, Blimp at South Street Arts Centre, Reading