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Wild Eye Gig Guide – 9th September 2018

September 9, 2018

Weekly gig guide… hey ho, let’s go…

Tacado, Serpent Tax, Swords of Thought, Shockpowder – Sunday 9th September, Stag’s Head, Hoxton, London

Vibracore, Noisepicker, Slug 13, The Boss Says Kill, Aching Muscle, Wingo Lamo, Say Your Prayers – Saturday 15th September, the Lounge Bar, Alton

The Sun and The Stars, Nyogtha and Mountainscape – Saturday 15th September at the Facebar in Reading.

Noisepicker, Slug 13, Treasure of Woe, Troll Mother – Sunday 16th September, Star Inn, Guildford.

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Nyogtha – Incantation

March 1, 2018

Nyogtha have released the first track off their new album.  Any band that describe themselves as drone doom AND ambient AND shoegaze, whilst actually being some kinda weird gothic metal and releasing songs longer than a Second In Line album deserve serious respect.  Captivating live, go check ’em –

Sludgefest – Dead Lettuce, King Goat, Morass of Molasses, Green Lung, Pensevor, Nyogtha at the Facebar in Reading, August 4th 2017

August 30, 2017

Wowzers – just stumbled upon a saved review title with no review in my drafts folder. WTF can I remember?

Not a lot.  To what extent was it a night of sludge?  Not a lot?  Does it matter?  Not a lot.

Morass of Molasses do their sludgey thing and I like, heavy, riffy.  Not 100% my thing but they’re a band I would happily see anytime.  Massive props for promoting as well as playing.

Pensevor – my reason to be there – superb.

Dead Lettuce, King Goat, Green Lung – this is where – if I was awarded stars for my reviews – I would get 0/10.  From memory all the bands were OK but a combination of not massively being in the mood for six bands and the fact that they all lean more in a metal direction than I tend to favour meant I didn’t give them masses of attention.

Nyogtha – if you were to describe this band to me, despite being a fan of drone, I would tell you that they are my idea of gothy warbly hell.  They were, in fact, gothy, droney, warbly heaven.  Proper fucked up shit. This has no right to work.  It works.  Well.

Morass of Molasses –
Sludgey riffs from the guys behind “The Swamp”.

Nyogtha –
Goth drone genius.

Pensevor –
Drone metal kinda works, but not really sure that they are either drone or metal. Top top band.