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Th’ Faith Healers

July 24, 2017

I first heard Th’ Faith Healers do a live version of Jesus Freak.  Excellent noisy weird shit.

Then this perfect single –

Seriously fucked-up, energetic, garage punk noise.  Perfect for back then when my car has a shit stereo and stuff with little bass didn’t mind a system that pumped out none.

They turned into a weird kinda psychedelic, laid-back, krautrock, groove machine with noise tendencies.  Kinda the band Spiritualized coulda been if they’d been totally different.

Don’t Jones Me –

There is a case for Reptile Smile being the best song in the history of recorded music –

Absolutely superb… so fucking groovy, so noisy, so sweet, so relentless, so perfect.

Just do yourself a favour and listen to loads of their stuff and see where on the noise trance axis you fall.


Tonic Youth

February 1, 2016

Yesterday I went to the Boileroom – they had a little record and ‘zine fair on.  Glad I did, picked up a couple of records and chatted to a few people.  I’ll try to remember to post a reminder when the next one comes along.

The last stall I got to was tucked away in the corner near the entrance.  In typical Wildeye fashion – kinda cocky, far too opinionated, probably patronising, don’t give a fuck, which is good in some ways, not so good in others – I asked the girl behind the table what it was all about.  She said something about a her fanzine (Ladyfuzz – great name), how its not too political (I think that’s what she said), how she’s in a band called Kamikaze Girls, and how Petrol Girls are one of the best bands in the UK at the minute.  I responded (probably) by talking shit and (definitely) opening up a cut on my finger and bleeding all over my shopping list and her pen.  I did buy her fanzine though (issues one and two, available here –

So I get home, get googling, get listening.  There’s plenty more to say, but for now I’ll keep it simple.

“Tonic Youth” is an absolutely superb song by Kamikaze Girls.

I love punk and a variety of noisy alternative music.  But I fucking love pop too.

There are two bands I’m reminded of.  One is Nirvana.  They rocked and they were a pop band.  The other is the Boo Radley’s – specifically Icabod and I yet again (Swords of Thought reminded me of them a couple of weeks back).  Icabod and I was the sound of the brilliant pop band they would become making a fucking racket.  Superb.

Kamikaze Girls don’t sound like either, but they are noisy, they rock, and they’re a pop band, albeit with a much more modern sound than the two old bands I mention.

I really hope that they have a load more songs of this quality.  If the rest are half as good they’re still a damn fine band.  I would have listened to more but I stuck “Tonic Youth” on repeat.

And another thing.  Is there anything worse than pop-rock?  Rock that has been watered down for a pop market?  How about rock-pop – music that rocks in a totally non-watered down way, but is still pop?  Is there anything better?  Or is that just punk-pop?   Or is it pop-punk?  I forget.

Oh Yeah.  Black Heart in Camden, February 13th with Petrol Girls – go see them.