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Slug 13 – Chasing A Prize Worth Nothing ep – Review

July 23, 2017

I like these guys.

It’s just all solid grungey noise rock riffs, wah, pounding drums, bass that sometimes rumbles, sometimes drives the song.

Lyrically Chasing a Prize Worth Nothing could match Moper in the sheer fucking misery stakes.  But fuck that there’s a riff, it ain’t gonna stop.  OK it is.  My kinda solo, proper punk / grunge filth.  Pretty frenetic build.  Break is more of the same, but maybe simpler and thus better.  I really like Rich’s drumming.  Wah solo, fucking yes, driving driving bass.  Let’s face facts, grunge was basically the high point of rock n roll.  The point where it had learnt from punk and metal, and just wanted get fucked up, dirty, loaded and rock out, and before it got too post-modern.

Wrench does nothing wrong, but it’s maybe like the 6th child in a massive family, never really loved like the first and the last and some of the others that had a bit more going for them.

Big Shot‘s kinda a bit more sophisticated, no good thing really, but it works.  Kinda goes off in a way that betrays their noise influence more.  Surplus Killing likewise, sound’s moving away from Seattle to Albini’s Chicago.  

They finish with the punk grunge of Lizard Tummy Neck.

If I gave ratings I’d give it a rating.  Check it out.  Check them out.

Available here –

Live – Star Inn Guildford, August 3rd and October 1st 2017


Kamikaze Girls – Kamikaze Girls (Cassette)

June 3, 2016

This blog does what it wants, which is why it is gonna review a 3-track cassette that really should have been reviewed when it came out a year or two ago, or even when quick off the blocks Wild Eye first heard it (a few months ago).

First thing to say is that everything that I’ve ever heard by Kamikaze Girls is great.  Tonic Youth (previously reviewed and linked) is ACE (I’ve just read Freaky Dancing by Bez, can you tell?)  Online you should be able to track down their cover of Heroes by Bowie (great) and a track called Black Coffee (given the role this substance plays in my life every 4th song I hear should really be about black coffee, also great).

Anyway, the Kamikaze Girls cassette.

Wayfarer is a funny old song to my ears… on the one hand it is just a just very average number with an epic chorus that ain’t my thing but kinda works… on the other its got something.  Perhaps it is simply what it is… the sound of a damn find band finding its feet, sound and song-writing ability.

Love & Other Subjects features some beautiful distortion straight off… immediately more interesting and challenging than Wayfarer… then it backs it up with a proper hook.  Wayfarer hints that Kamikaze Girls can write a special song, Love & Other Subjects pretty much proves it (the aforementioned Tonic Youth proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt).  “We fall in and out of love so easily, we fall in and out of love so desperately”.  Great line.  Courtney Barnett comes to mind as someone else who has a wonderful way with words, and when you’re getting compared to Courtney Barnett you’re doing something right.  Very right.

Records & Coffee.  Almost as good a title as Love & Other Subjects.  Much slower.  It’s kinda a Sarah number (note 1) in some ways that elects to do fuck all from start to finish.  Luckily for the song I like a Sarah-type act, even one that elects to do fuck all from start to finish.  I can’t justify liking this song, but I do.  It just works.  And the lyrics are intriguing… they talk of a fairly ordinary life, but in a way that leaves you wanting to know more of the story.

Note 1 – this could be an insult coming from most people but it really isn’t coming from me.  I feel a bit of a Sarah post or two is due.