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SPIT – Bali

April 8, 2018

Not so much my thing, but I know two things about this new track –

(1)  The standard of music is so so high nowadays.  This is rock / desert rock done really well.

(2)  Half the people who read this blog will prefer Spit to most of the stuff I write about.


Witch Tripper, Morass of Molasses, Slug 13 at the Star Inn, Guildford – Sunday 4th February 2018

February 27, 2018

Leafy Incline Promotions once again… yet another late and vague and brief review.

Basically… Slug 13 were on top form, really like their grungey, noisy thing, especially when the drums get more tribal and the riffs get more repetitive.  Superb.  What does stoner mean to you in the context of music?  Slug 13 are not stoner rock, but in the scheme of things they aren’t a million miles away.  Slug 13 aren’t hippy or psych or space rock either… but their grunge/noise thing is proper stoner-friendly.

Morass of Molasses were on next.  It’s not music I can fall in love with – far too blues-y in a classic rock way to be my thing – but there is a lot to love.  Sludgey riffs to die for, great stagecaft, unusual band set-up (drums, two guitars, one of which has some sort of octave / twin amp shit going on)… the sort of band I’d never travel 50 miles to see, but one I’d be fucking delighted to see were playing near me, or were on the bill of a gig I was going to anyway.

If you’re more into the Black Sabbath / Led Zep / Hard Rock / Metal / Stoner Rock / Sludge lineage than I am then go see them NOW.

My thoughts on Witch Tripper are pretty similar.  More of a hard rock act than MoM, perhaps the best description would be the high energy rock n roll end of hard rock.  If that sounds like your bag then check ’em out, because it’s not really my bag but the energy levels and single-minded determination to rock (n roll) won me over.  Most bands doing this kinda thing fall somewhere between boring me and offending me… it is a testament to how much they clearly believe in this 100% that they can convince me too.

Leafy Incline’s next gig is Leafy Incline 6 – Leaf Fest – and it hits the Star mid-pm on 29th April 2018.

Current Best of the Rest

July 23, 2017

Best of the rest in and around south-west Surrey and north-east Hants – Guildford, Farnborough etc etc… and a bit further afield.

Freakouts – Grungey punk / post-punk newcomers.

Grits – a surprisingly unique combination of heavy alternative rock with a reasonably mainstream sensibility.  Or maybe this is bollocks.  They rock.

Morass of Molasses – fine sludge 3 piece.  Riffs aplenty.

Parachute For Gordo – suprisingly funky post-punk / post rock act who get tagged as post rock.  Or something.  Well worth checking out.

Princess – dark, scratchy, 80s Cave / Cash, noise-rock miserablists.  Fantastic.

Silent Mode – desert rock / stoner thing.  They have quite a unique and heavy sound, really riffy and damn catchy.  The sort of band I can imagine winning over loads of new fans if they were on at a festival.

Slug 13 – grunge noise rock.  All riffs and wah and bass and drums.  It just works, getting better and better.  Check out the recent ep.  My kinda music.

Space Church – madness.  I like them most at their heaviest.  They have the funk.  When they want to.  Different every time.

Swords of Thought – noisiest pure pop band ever.  Or a poppy Sonic Youth.  Or something.  Are they a bit like William who I used to love?

Trevor’s Head – New lp on the way (and the last one, Tricolossus, was superb).  Stoner grunge shit.

Typical Hunks – scratchy, noisy, 80s-sounding, drum-machine-wielding genii.

Best of the rest of the rest (bands on this list might have recently split up, or I haven’t seen them live yet and need to check ’em out more, or they’re too big for this list [esp. EtS]) – Aching Muscle – Blackwaters – Tommy Blackwood – Camcorder – Drugstore Cowboys – Employed to Serve – Eulogy – Fauntleroy – Gutlocker – Heinous Pianist – Vinyl Staircase.

Who have I forgotten – let me know?  All genres welcome but pure metal, progressive metal, folk, country or anything mainstream better be INCREDIBLE to get anywhere near the list.