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Always The Sun Festival

September 10, 2017

I know I can be a pain in the arse.

The organisers of Always The Sun can do exactly as they please (on the assumption that they get absolute no council subsidy whatsoever – if they do get council support then arguably they do have a responsibility to do what is best, not what they want, and to answer my questions as a Guildford council tax payer.)

I believe that consumers have not only a right but a duty to give feedback to companies, and to do their best to avoid handing over money to companies that let them down.

I saw the advertising for Always The Sun… a few bands I’d like to see, but overall not my thing – I’m not up for 10 hours straight of live music; you can’t guarantee the weather; small venues have much much better acoustics than fields.  Then, as the weekend drew closer a few bands I like a lot posted that they were playing the Andertons stage.  I was really busy and up for the Star in the evening, but maybe a few hours at ATS would be good if I can see a few bands I love.

The ATS website is not very user friendly. I couldn’t find evidence that all the bands that said they were playing actually were.  There was no full line-up posted for the Andertons stage, let alone stage times. I really did not find the ATS website user friendly, though maybe if they had the programme for all stages clearly listed any other deficiencies would not have bothered me.

I kinda did two things.  Someone posted on Facebook asking about stage times and then someone from ATS replied saying that there will be free programmes at the festival with stage times (followed by a smiley thumbs-up emoticon). I asked a couple of follow-up questions and got no response whatsoever.

Yesterday I went along to the ticket office to ask if they would provide stage times and explain that I am only willing to go if I know what I am paying for (I have other commitments and cannot be there all day) and to cut a long story short I learnt that all the bands are on the website, that there is a very good reason why they are not giving out stage times but that it would take far too long to explain and that they have plenty of customers [1] and don’t need to listen to feedback from the public. I am not certain any of those things are true. Sometimes I think I can be a right pain in the arse, over-demanding and over-opinionated… but I was somewhat reassured by a lady in their 60s behind me in the queue butting in to back me up that it was hard to get the information potential customers wanted.

I phoned my cousin who used to drum in a little band.  I spoke to someone I bumped into at a pub. I messaged a few musicians. I literally could not find anyone who could come up with a plausible reason why they were being so secretive and refusing to provide set-times.

ATS can do what they want – as can I by refusing to pay for a ticket as a matter of principle because I do not like handing money to organisations who I feel do not show me the respect I deserve as a potential customer. I feel that giving full stage times ATS would be doing what is normal in the industry, and they would be meeting customer expectations. I can see massive upsides to this and no downsides. I do not think that it is unreasonable for a punter to ask a promoter why they are withholding information and being left entirely unsatisfied with “we have a really good reason but it’s too long to share with you” as a response.

But the mystery gets ever deeper.  I was doing some googling and it appears that ATS does publish stage times!  Or rather Get Surrey do –

Why why why was I not told (either on Facebook or when I gave ATS a second chance by taking the trouble to go to them in person to request information) that this page exists? Saying that here is the listing for the day that I was interested in –


Drug Store Romeos – 9pm-9.30pm

itoldyouiwouldeatyou – 7pm-7.30pm

Drones – 6pm-6.30pm

Fables – 5pm-5.30pm

No mention of who is on between 11am and 5pm, or at 8pm.

I have lots of questions of ATS, but my main one would appear not to be “why not publish stage times for the Andertons stage?” it would be “why not publish full stage times for the Andertons stage, and why say that the stage times are not available until inside the festival on the day when some of them are published in the Get Surrey in advance?” Very odd.

The Wild Eye Wild Speculation Paragraph.  The only thing that I can think of that makes any sense at all is that ATS have done an exclusive deal with Get Surrey to publish stage times and then failed to get complete stage timings to Get Surrey in time, and that has left ATS too embarrassed to refer potential customers to Get Surrey’s page, and unable to publish stage times themselves because of the exclusivity deal. This does sound far too bizarre to be true, but it’s the best explanation that I can come up with.

Please please please ATS – let me know why. I write this blog to try to get behind local bands and the local scene – I list gigs at the Boileroom on my blog and try to encourage people to get out more often to see live music. I don’t expect thanks not least because I’m probably not actually making any real difference… but as someone who cares about the local music scene and who would like to do my little bit to encourage higher numbers at all live original music events – especially an event with some decent bands like ATS – it is a real shame that ATS have left me with an overwhelming feeling of “fuck ’em”.

[1] Based on photos on the net from the Friday and Saturday I am genuinely curious to know attendance numbers, but I strongly suspect it wasn’t a sell-out.


Gigs in Guildford / SW Surrey and NE Hants September 1st 2017 onwards

September 1, 2017

This gig list is stuff that get’s the Wild Eye seal of approval, especially if the band or promoter are in bold.

If you look to your right you should see a page marked “Gig Listings on the Net A to Z” where I have linked a couple of local Facebook listings pages.  There will be further A to Z pages up soon covering local bands, labels, promoters and venues.

Let me know what I am missing.

Oh yeah… always worth checking out the Boileroom website as well.

Tuesday 19th September 2017
Joy Room, Fuzzwalker, Warp Rays at the Boileroom, Guildford

Saturday 30th September
Lo!, Thuum, I Saw The World Burn, Negative Thought Process, Praecantator at The Sanctuary, Basingstoke

Sunday 1st October 2017
Thuum, Wytch Pycknyck, Slug13, Newts live at The Star Inn, Guildford [Leafy Incline Promotions]

Friday 6th October 2017
Trevor’s Head, Morass of Molasses, Heinous Pianist, Silent Mode at the Swamp at the Facebar.

Saturday 7th October 2017
False Advertising, Silent Mode at The Sanctuary, Basingstoke

Friday 13th October 2017
Crisis, Deadcuts, Holy Faction at the Holroyd Arms, Guildford

Saturday 14th October 2017
The Grudge, Heinous Pianist and Stone Soup at the Lounge Bar in Alton

Tuesday 24th October 2017
Baby Seals, Moper and Swords of Thought at at The Star Inn, Guildford

Wednesday 1st November 2017
Syd Arthur and Vinyl Staircase at the Boileroom, Guildford.

Friday 3rd November 2017
Valerian Swing, Dialects, The Glowing Juniper and Cody Noon at The Sanctuary, Basingstoke

Friday 3rd November 2017
Silverchild, Morass of Molasses, Stone Soup at the Facebar in Reading (The Swamp)

Sunday 19th November 2017
This Is Wreckage, Space Church more TBC at the Star Inn, Guildford (Buffalo Club night)

Friday 1st December 2017
Tuskar, Morass of Molasses, Slug13, The Grey (TBC) at the Facebar in Reading (The Swamp)

Sunday 4th February 2018
Line-up TBC [Leafy Incline Promotions]

Past Events –

Friday 1st September 2017
Still Wave, Parachute For Gordo, Analogue Device at The Sanctuary, Basingstoke

Friday 1st September 2017
Bloodhoney, Naked Aces, Camcorder at The Rowbarge, Guildford

Sunday 3rd September 2017
Punk Rock BBQ at the Star Inn, Guildford – All dayer
Spoilers, Screech Bats, Captain Trips, Emergency Bitter, Kilter, The Landings, Freakouts

Monday 4th September
Train Robbers, Luna, Lupus, Stu Brootal at Komo in Guildford (UpSet)  Hip-hop / rap / etc

Thursday 7th September 2017
Freakouts, Spit, Xero, Revelry and Hydrocele at the Boileroom in Guildford

Saturday 09 September 2017
Febueder, Ash The Author, Catgod, Figures of Speech, Cody Noon, Vienna Ditto at Oakford Social Club in Reading

Sunday 10th September 2017
Princess, Camcorder, Big Gruesome, Bent Ref and Silent Mode at the Star Inn, Guildford [Trial n Buffalo pt 2] – FREE

Tuesday 12th September 2017
Who Saw The Light, Tuskar, Loxdown (?!?!), Daisy Chain at the Star Inn, Guildford – should be a very good one.

Friday 15th September 2017
Atlantic Fire, Fainites, Andy Ruddy, Dead State and Soeur at the Boileroom, Guildford