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King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

March 5, 2018

OK everyone, joke’s over. You can stop pretending to like this abomination now.

I just can’t work out what is more surprising. That they’re not serving “life means life” sentences for the shittiest band-name in history, or that they have more than 10 youtube views.

I really want to finish this post with one more word (five letters, plural, begins with a “c”), but due to my desire to avoid swearing which can be accused of misogyny I really can’t sum them up.


Fuck Soundcloud

April 17, 2017

Fuck Soundcloud.  I know its old news but the continuous play feature is shit beyond belief.  I am here trying to listen to Silent Mode and at the end of the song “Corkscrew” I get some total shit I do not and did not want to listen to.  I fucking hate it.