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Top 10 Current Local Bands – Guildford and Surrounds – April 2017

April 7, 2017

Seems like my last attempt amused a few people.  Honestly, not my intention… being funny’s for losers.

I was thinking about doing it again the same, but the risk there is that (1) it won’t be as funny second time and (2) anyone whose band goes down a few places might get offended.  Then you have questions like “do Swords of Thought drop out ‘cos its too long since I’ve seen them play, or do they stay in ‘cos they’ve released a great new ep?”  Should I include Employed to Serve – from Woking, utterly amazing and deserve to be up near the top no matter when I last saw them?

The “10” in the title may be slightly misleading.

It’s a Top 2 this time.

Employed to Serve.  Pensevor.  Job done.

I quite like seriously heavy music.

Pensevor’s Klothod –

From the upcoming new EtS LP –