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Current Best of the Rest

July 23, 2017

Best of the rest in and around south-west Surrey and north-east Hants – Guildford, Farnborough etc etc… and a bit further afield.

Freakouts – Grungey punk / post-punk newcomers.

Grits – a surprisingly unique combination of heavy alternative rock with a reasonably mainstream sensibility.  Or maybe this is bollocks.  They rock.

Morass of Molasses – fine sludge 3 piece.  Riffs aplenty.

Parachute For Gordo – suprisingly funky post-punk / post rock act who get tagged as post rock.  Or something.  Well worth checking out.

Princess – dark, scratchy, 80s Cave / Cash, noise-rock miserablists.  Fantastic.

Silent Mode – desert rock / stoner thing.  They have quite a unique and heavy sound, really riffy and damn catchy.  The sort of band I can imagine winning over loads of new fans if they were on at a festival.

Slug 13 – grunge noise rock.  All riffs and wah and bass and drums.  It just works, getting better and better.  Check out the recent ep.  My kinda music.

Space Church – madness.  I like them most at their heaviest.  They have the funk.  When they want to.  Different every time.

Swords of Thought – noisiest pure pop band ever.  Or a poppy Sonic Youth.  Or something.  Are they a bit like William who I used to love?

Trevor’s Head – New lp on the way (and the last one, Tricolossus, was superb).  Stoner grunge shit.

Typical Hunks – scratchy, noisy, 80s-sounding, drum-machine-wielding genii.

Best of the rest of the rest (bands on this list might have recently split up, or I haven’t seen them live yet and need to check ’em out more, or they’re too big for this list [esp. EtS]) – Aching Muscle – Blackwaters – Tommy Blackwood – Camcorder – Drugstore Cowboys – Employed to Serve – Eulogy – Fauntleroy – Gutlocker – Heinous Pianist – Vinyl Staircase.

Who have I forgotten – let me know?  All genres welcome but pure metal, progressive metal, folk, country or anything mainstream better be INCREDIBLE to get anywhere near the list.


Top 10 Current Local Bands – Guildford and Surrounds – February 2017 (pt 2)

February 22, 2017

Moper, ex-SBB… are a band I’m still trying to get my head around 9 months (or so?) after seeing them live.  I’ve bought 3 albums.  They are dark, they place a massive barrier between the audience and themselves… but they’re gnawing away at me, I want to understand.  There’s a bit of Future of the Left about them, maybe.  Drawing me in.  Let them get to work on you… it might take a while but if your soul is pure, if a little haunted, then you’ll get there like I hope to.  Star Inn, Guildford, Friday, will to be there.

Grits I rate highly.  Not sure the extent they are something quite alternative trying to take high energy rock on board to make something more accessessible, or the other way round – a fairly mainstream rock band with hints at something quite challenging.  Either way energy levels, catchiness and plenty to keep it interesting to my [Wild] Eyes.  Fucking yes.  Facebar, Reading, Friday, would like to be there.

Who Saw The Light are a doom, grunge, metal, fuck knows what mess of a band and get away with it.  Who knows where they’re going, who knows why, but they have something.  Maybe I misunderstood but one song last time I saw them had its tempo set by a simple rhythm guitar part.  10 seconds in the bassist – whose taking lead vocal on the song – is having a bit of a go a the guitarist for massively reducing the tempo compared to when they rehearse it.  They really don’t appear to give a fuck.  I hope that what I’m seeing is the start of something special.  I fear they’ll get their act together and lose some of their irreverence and genre-spanning melange.  Then again they can certainly play so if they wanted to get their act together they would have probably done so already.

Songs To Punch Nerds To is great and Space Church have a live set that blew me away the first time I saw it.  I hope they keep writing, keep mixing it up.  Trevor’s Head seriously know what they’re doing too, dunno what more to say.

Slug 13 have the massive advantage of playing in a style that I’m a sucker for… though being able to write a top top riff kinda helps too.  Keep writing, keep ploughing that lovely furrow, maybe mix it up a bit too.  Or don’t bother.  Mixing it up that is, do bother full stop.

I love pop music.  Swords of Thought can write a song… but they do so in a nicely noisy way, that reminds me of some great great bands like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.  The Boo Radley’s debut album (which they themselves have kinda written out of history) is called Ichabod and I.  It is brilliant if you like that sort of thing.  Pure pop, combined with a “why use one distortion pedal when you can use 20” attitude (I swear that’s a reasonably accurate bit of paraphrasising from an interview I read back in the day).  SoT remind me of that.

Pensevor deserve their own post, so bugger it, I’m saying nothing for now.

Top 10 Current Local Bands – Guildford and Surrounds – February 2017

February 21, 2017

Top 10 Current Local Bands – Guildford and Surrounds – February 2017

The rules – you must be based in Guildford or not that far away.  I must have seen you play live.  You must have played in or near Guildford in the last year or so.  I have changed part of your name to the word shit to ensure that you don’t get too cocky if you’re on the list, and if you’re not on the list then you don’t get a shit so there’s some consolation.  This list is based on FACTS not my personal opinion.

If you’re on the best of the rest then I wanna see you, or you just missed out, or you haven’t played locally recently enough, or you’re there cos someone I trust rates you, or maybe you’re just so fucking good that I think you’re too good to be judged against other local bands.

Feedback welcome.  Noise a guitar makes I mean, not your replies.

(1)  Penshitvor

(2)  Swords of Shit

(3)  Shit13

(4)  Shit Church

(5)  Trevor’s Shit

(6)  Who Saw The Shit

(7)  Shits

(8)  Shitter

(9)  Victorian Whore Shits

(10)   Typical Shits

Best of the rest – Blackwaters, Tommy Blackwood, Camcorder, Employed to Serve, Eulogy, Gutlocker, Heinous Pianist, Morass of Molasses, Princess, Vinyl Staircase.

Vital Note – Eulogy and Swords of Thought – PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT.

Another thing… maybe, going back 25 years, I didn’t get to as many local gigs as I should have… and no offence you lot but I am not sure any of you come close to touching the genius of Mega City Four and in particular Wiz’s incredible lyrics.  But overall the standard now is so high, it really is.

Trevor’s Head – Tricolossus LP

January 27, 2017

11 tracks of stoner rock, with a mad, horned, 3-eyed proboscidea staring out from the cover?

What more do you want, other than more timely reviews of course?

Blood Moon starts the album off on top form, with  a riff of a very high quality.  Government Whores continues the decent riff theme whilst picking up the pace… is this where they get the idea that they’re stoner punk?  Stoner pace for much of the song, but the beginning and the very end is more of a punk tempo.  Deep Blue Fish is gonna be a bit odd, you can tell straight off… I could write it off as one of the weaker songs, some of the lyrics are clever, but in a pretty cheesy way, rolled ‘r’s’ are great, but somewhat shatter the ‘we’re a serious stoner band’ vibe… but to be fair to Trevor’s Head the fact that they’re so eminently listenable is down to them being more than JASB (Just Another Stoner Band).

Idiot Time is right here, right now, fucking Trump-voters and moron Brexitears (adjusting spelling, the last ‘e’ has been changed to an ‘a’ to reflect the crying these arseholes will do when they realise they’ve fucked us all up.)  Idiot Time is also a great little metal-infused punk number.

And onto the second longest track on the album.  These guys can write a riff / song.  Ordinary Kind.  Damn fine stoner rock.

But A Scratch picks up the pace again… nice… not one of the best on the album… not bad, but I suspect its there as much to vary the pace as it is because they were like “this track is so fucking great we just have to stick it on.”  The next track is kind of the reverse in most ways.

Pan-Galatic Peaceniks is heavy.  The riff 48 seconds in reminds me of Cheech and Chong.  This is no bad thing, but I am not sure that I have the time or inclination to go through my Cheech and Chongs songs trying to find out what (if anything) specifically gave that idea.

Roll Over It is kinda punk kinda bordering on hardcore with a stoner edge.  Vocals given 100%.  Not a million miles from Winnebago Deal in a way (that is a compliment coming from me, I promise).

21 tonnes starts mellow, gets heavier but stays slow.  Fuzz- and synths-out late on.  Nice.  I think it would be fair to call Casa De Eduardo playful.

I find it hard to review stuff like this – so much easier if I absolutely love something, or absolutely hate it, or at least know the genre pretty damn well.  With something like this I can say I like it a lot.  I can say that Trevor’s Head are not as good as Queens of the Stone Age.  I sincerely hope that they do not regard this as an insult – I certainly don’t regard it as such!  I can say that the standard of local bands is exceptionally high, and this record proves that.  I can say that I love that Trevor’s head mix it up.

Go see, go buy their shit.

Trevor’s Head – Otherside EP

January 23, 2017

New review, old release.  I bought this little beaut back when I saw them live, but it actually dates back even further to when they were a 4-piece.

What the fuck are Trevor’s Head?   It shouldn’t matter but it does.  This is my problem not Trevor’s Head’s.  I’ve definitely been overthinking it and tying myself in knots over the few weeks that this review has slowly been written in dribs and drabs.  Maybe I should take them at their word and call them punk / stoner. I need to write somethingsometime soon on what is punk.  They’re a stoner band, all about the riffs… but they do combine it with a bit of the punk “don’t give a fuck” thing, but ironically their the-punk-don’t-give-a-fuck thing expresses itself but dipping into a bit of prog as much as it does noise.

The Rat starts with some feedback and a fine fine riff… it rocks… I like it… good vocals too, though they could be a touch grittier… Otherside is (fucking) energetic and opens with a better riff than the Rat which is a pretty decent achievement in itself… AI starts as if it hasn’t really started then half-way through its relatively short length goes cod-reggae-ish-or-something… this is a band who do not give a fuck.  Cod-reggae is a horrific thing.  Not giving a fuck is the greatest thing.  Flutes!  Bastards, you’re confusing me.  Start Something is back to the form shown on the first two tracks.  It rocks.

Nameless is acoustic (well it’s not, its been recorded so it can’t be acoustic, but you know what I mean)… mellow finger-picked, really nice track.  Roger’s voice suits this song better than it does the rockier stuff.  I feel a bit bad saying that because he has a voice on him.  Smoke more you lazy fucker or don’t you give a shit about your art?  Or gargle gravel whilst drinking flaming double JDs or something.

TLDR – fucking good hi-energy stoner-rock with added wierdness / don’tgiveafuckery.

That’s it.  Buy it.

Actually I really do have to stress how petty I’m being here.  When I was a kid I reckon 50% to 80% of local bands and support bands at small gigs that I saw were absolutely ruined by appalling singers.  Things have improved massively over the last 25 ears.  Roger’s voice is damn fine and it works with the music… all I’m saying is that it suits the less rocky tracks a touch better.  IMHO.

Trevor’s Head, Slug13, Nanking – The Star Inn, Guildford, 4th September 2016.

September 6, 2016

Band names, eh?  There is a school of music journalism that believes that the first and by far the most important question you should ask a band is “how did you get your name?” or “where does your name come from?”  I only did this to one band I think – Trevor’s Head.  It’s an unusual band name (aren’t they all?) that I first came across quite some time ago… but only half way through their set that it first occurred to me that it must be a reference to the mighty Trevor Brooking and his diving headed winner in the 1980 FA Cup Final.  I was wrong.  Coincidentally it only occurred to me during Slug 13’s set that Slug can mean something other than “slimy little creature”.

Now that the important stuff is out of the way I’d better quickly deal with the music.

Nanking first.  I loved their second track, which sounded to me like what At the Drive-In would sound like if they were a surf band, and there were plenty of other good moments.  It’s rare to see a drummer attack a drumkit with the sheer force and abandon that Nanking’s stickster did; it’s rare to see a band with such a good bass player.  But they do also sound like a band who are happy to chuck any and all influences into the mix and have fun, whereas if they focused the talent into developing their own sound they’d sound a lot more like a band.  But that ain’t happening – one gig to go, The Lounge in Alton at the end of the week – and Nanking are no more.

Slug13 are in many ways the complete opposite… less likely to pick up work as session musicians, but much more likely to come across as a ‘proper band’, a band who’ve found their sound.  I really liked their set, which to me was proper grunge in a Mudhoney kinda way.  Not that they sounded particularly like Mudhoney, just a proper, old-school stoner / grunge thing, and my personal taste and bias tends to lead me to seeing Mudhoney as the start, middle and end of grunge.  Not heard so much wah from one guitar for quite a while (no bad thing).  If I had one criticism it’d be that I’d prefer the guitars a bit more loose and wild and free… but perhaps that would take away as much as it’d give… and maybe it was just the volume in the venue was a touch lower than it could have been during their set.

Finally Trevor’s Head, who kinda make my last point (or rather second last point) for me.  Another proper old-school stoner / grunge band, though perhaps with a few more modern influences than Slug13, and definitely more of an explicit punk influence, a bit less grunge and a fair bit more stoner.   They were looser and wilder (and louder I think) than Slug 13 and fucking good for it, but you can’t have it both ways.  If anything maybe I’d have preferred a bit more of the solid, chugging consistency of Slug13.

Jeez… solid, chugging consistency sounds a bit like a massive insult doesn’t it, but it really isn’t – its integral to the whole sound / band.  And you know what, the easiest thing to do is chuck some other influence or instrument into the mix.  The hardest thing to do is keep it (relatively) simple.  As I get older I find myself more and more interested in technical, proggy, mathy, post-hardcore music of one type or another.  I love the insane complexity thrown at you hard and fast and loud.  But my real love, and certainly my original love, is music that is much more simple.

Sorry Nanking, stay together if you want more words outta me.  Slug13 and Trevor’s Head are two fine grungey stonery bands well worthy of your attention… I think my vote would have to go to the former (1-0 Slug13), but I suspect that’s to do with my age and shared formative influences as much as anything; gut feel is the more orthodox stoner thing Trevor’s Head have got going on is likely to have the wider appeal (1-1).  But I get the casting vote so 2-1 Slug13, Trevor’s Head lose, review over.

Leafy Incline – Sunday 4th September 2016 – The Star, Guildford

August 27, 2016

We’re 8 days from the first Leafy Incline Promotions event.  Leafy Incline is Slug13’s promotion’s arm, and they’re looking to do something a bit heavier than some of the promoters in Guildford whilst not being a metal night.  “An Evening of Guitar Based Noise” is how they put it.  Sounds good to me.

Slug13, Trevor’s Head, King Ghidora and Nanking is the line-up.

Some influences – Mudhoney, DRI, Prong, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr, Loop, God Machine, Husker Du.