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A quick round-up…

April 27, 2018

Or maybe not quick.  So much going on –

(1)  Leafy Incline, as well as the bands This Is Wreckage, Princess, Slug 13, Tirana, Swords of Thought and Second In Line, bring grunge / punk / noise rock etc to the Star on Sunday 29th April from 5pm.

(2)  Freakouts play the Boileroom tonight for the lauch show for their new ep, TV –

Pussyliquor are on the bill.

(3)  James Ward and Ian Oakley’s void_null audio visual project is coming to the West End Centre on June 7th –

(4)  Moper are lined up to play Westival in July at the West End Centre.  In related news their bassist Benjamin Wainhouse has been looking dead cute in old photos of himself popping up on his facebook timeline in recent days.

(5)  Essex based I think, if you play in a band and are just starting out then I challenge you to produce a better video than this.  Good fucking luck, you’ll need it.  And the song itself has a real energy too, love it.  And they’re playing the Fighting Cocks on 1st June.  Midwich Cuckoos for the rock metal punk crew –

(6)  Trevor’s Head have released Soma Holiday –

(7)  I’ve discovered there’s an ambient label coming out of Farnham – Rusted Tone Recordings.  The work of James Armstrong, the guy behind Slow Clinic

(8)  Silent Mode are recording more desert rock.

(9)  Skaciety – Ska Punk at the Star tonight courtesy of Jasta 11.

(10)  This video has appeared online – Tuskar playing “The Tide” live at the Black Heart.  SO FUCKING GOOD.

(11)  Brightlight City, I, The Lion and Daryl Vorderman play the Star on 3rd May thanks to Rose Coloured

(12)  Annabel Allum just keeps getting press, attention, gigs – check Rascal here –

(14) Swords of Thought released “Confusion Leads” –

And it comes with a video –

That’s it for now!


Our Man In The Bronze Age, Tuskar and Morag Tong at the Star Inn, Guildford (Sunday 11th March 2018)

March 28, 2018

First up Morag Tong destroyed the Star.  Amazing.  A lot was down to the obscene backline and nausea-inducing volume and bass.  That’s not true, it wasn’t nausea-inducing, it was disconcerting and discomforting, in a really good way.  Drone doom IMHO, and as good as any I’ve heard I think (not that I profess to knowing Jack Shit).  Bold move going all Pink Floyd between the noise, but to be fair the sonic assault needed breaking up for everyone’s sanity, and if you’re that fucked up and disturbing you can do what the fuck you want during the breaks and it’s sheer ecstacy to the audience.

Songs are great.  There’s all sorts of wonderful music.  But the best music is heavy as, it’s not metal, it shakes your body with sheer volume and it fucks with your head.  Thanks Morag Tong.  Still not entirely recovered two weeks later.

Spoiler alert.  I actually think that if I gave marks out of ten to bands, then averaged the points across the night, this gig would have the highest average of any gig I have ever been to at the Star, and maybe anywhere else.

Our Man In The Bronze Age were the worst band of the night, and that says everything about the promoters and nothing about OMITBA.   OMITBA followed Morag Tong.  Impossible job which they pulled off.  Definitely a big At the Drive-in / Mars Volta influence.  Heavy, energetic, really enjoyed it, would definitely see them again.  Shoulda bought a CD, biggest mistake of the night.

Tuskar – they’re getting better and better, can’t really remember fuck all about the set apart from (1) I was still in shock after Morag Tong, (2) there was some new material and (3) fucking awesome as always.  Tuskar will nail the sludge / doom scene over the next 12 months… the only question is how far can the subtle metal influences, killer riffs and sheer talent enable them to transcend their natural home.  I have my preferred genres, but at the end of the day the best bands of any genre are the only ones really worth following long term, and those bands pick up fans who don’t delve into any particular scene 100%.

Tuskar play London on Saturday night –

Promoters –

Concrete Rat


Bands –

Morag Tong

Our Man In The Bronze Age


Who Saw The Light, Tuskar, Daisychain at the Star Inn, Guildford – 8th January 2018

February 1, 2018

Billed as Daisy Chain / Fuj, up first was the grungy / shoegazey (maybe) garage three-piece with additional singer and in their sludge kinda guise. I really liked the clean bass sound, everything was in place as individuals… but they not the finished article. I have to say I prefer them as Daisy Chain, playing heavy, but much less heavy. Looking forward to the Supafuzz ep in full from Oz Powell loads… but also looking to see Daisy Chain / Fuj developing. [Am I right – are all Daisy Chainers in Fuj?]  [This paragraph was written 2 weeks before posting].

Tuskar fucking rock.

Tyler is a great singer as he proved beyond doubt later when he did a brief stint in WSTL. He drums the hell out of the drums. Proper drums them. I once saw a band called Toehammer. Can’t even remember the style, think it was blues-y, garage-rock. Bassist and guitarist (one sang) did a good enough job, but basically they were a shit band made absolutely rivetting by the genius of the drummer. I just watched him, I couldn’t tell you what made him so special, but he was great. Everything and nothing. An ease of playing, a resistance to over-complication whilst amply demonstating mastery. Tuskar would be worth seeing if Tom was doing next to nothing.

He’s not, he rocks. Great guitar sound. A bit of an artificial thing in a good way going on, is that the octave? A couple of new songs… kinda remember being a touch underwhelmed by the first, but that’s a first listen and the other one hit the spot straight off.  It’s all just raw and sludgey and riffy, whilst bringing the thrash and atmospherics is a really natural way… I could see them on much bigger stages.

As I write this they’ve just been named for Desertfest. Seriously, tenner says they’ll be back in 2019 noticeably higher up the bill. First person who wants to take me up on it get in touch if you think I’m wrong.

Who Saw The Fucking Light. I’ve got nothing new to say, love ’em. They are heavy and serious, but they make me laugh as well, in a good way. If there’s one thing I say is that they should have more confidence to go dumb rock-pop, catchy shit. The polar opposite of Andrew WK, but on their out of control spiral of black hole chaos they’ve got every right to pass briefly through dumb-riff sell-out heaven from time to time.  Finishing reviews two weeks after a few drinks at a gig is a shit idea, especially for the last band on.  Great.

The Wild Eye Review of the Year – 2017

January 6, 2018

I love lists.  But I am also wilfully contradictory so fuck the lot of you – no end of year list from me.  Just a review of the year, some of my highlights, discoveries, and things I just ain’t got round to mentioning before.

I’m going to start with the Telescopes.  Either my second favourite band of all time, or my joint favourite with Spacemen 3… just depends what day of the week it is.  How many bands can release eight albums over a thirty-odd year period, then come up with two of their best within six months?  As Light Return was a return to their best… then Stone Tape probably bettered it.  Wowzers.

Typical Hunks released We are typical hunks and so are you on cassette on the doubledotdash!? label from Reading.  Pretty retro, drum-machine-backed, 1980s noise-rock… which fucking hits the spot as far as I am concerned.  One could argue that I am a hypocritical arsehole for not slating them for a relative lack of innovation, but I am Wild Eye and I can make exceptions, and I will continue for bands who continue to (1) be great and (2) plough furrows relatively unploughed.

Which takes me onto Slug 13.  Really  liked the Chasing A Prize Worth Nothing ep especially the mighty Break

Overcomplicated and 2 years old but fuck it, Fuckwit City by Cosmic Psychos rocked my 2017 –

Richard Fennings’ Aching Muscle guise freaked me out, confused and entertained me with its bizarro-funk-lounge-rock smorgasmicoborgish technicality.  Nice.  (In a jazz club way).

Oz Powell has released a track – “I’m Gone” from his upcoming “Supafuzz” ep.  I will say no more, but looking forward to reviewing the full release when it’s ready.

Moper released An Alter of Nothing Erected for No-one, a top top top album, utterly brilliant.  Buy it.

Muscle Tomcat Machine are a band I know nothing about but they released an album and look like this so why not add ’em?  10/10 for band photo originality.

Tuskar are one amazing 5 track ep into their careers and fucking rocking the doom / sludge etc scene whilst adding a little je ne sais quoi / Mastodon-y atmospherics.  Ones to watch, up their with Moper as one of the two genuinely class acts around Guildford / surrounds at the minute.  If you haven’t checked the ep then do it now, then check ’em live ASAP.  By “genuinely class” I mean they do something I love, and they do it well, and feel like a proper band who know exactly what they’re doing.  As an aside I was probably overly critical of this ep when it first came out… I think I gave it a pretty damn positive review, but the more I hear them and the more I hear their competition the better I think they are.  And they got themselves signed to Riff Rock Records.

I feel a bit bad for not including Who Saw The Light as part of a top 3 in that last paragraph… but they deserved to be judged on a different scale to other bands.  Awesome awesome awesome live – unless they’re having a bit of an off day, which does happen.  They are all over the place in a (very) good way.  Moper and Tuskar have a sound and have it nailed; they’re Olympic javelin throwers who are going to chuck their spears 100 m every time.  WSTL are Thor, drunk and on acid, giving it a go on the hammer – but as he spins and gets ready for launch we know it’s gonna go a mile but we have no idea whatsoever whether it’s going to be in the right direction or not.  All they need to do is add some extended, deeply repetitive drone sections and some seriously poppy Andrew WK-style metal to the mix and they will be perfect.  Or something.  WTF do I know?  And their ep… superb…

Pensevor are – I think – planning LP no. 2.  Cannot wait.  What’s the news boys and girls?

Buffalo Club and Leafy Incline continue to put on great shows.  This Is Wreckage from Wales noise rock heaven, and they’re coming back to Surrey!  YES!!!!

And Camcorder and Princess put out new vids –

And then we’re gonna finish with this Freakouts classic –

Another fucking miserable December of PSA (Pointless Shit for Arseholes) at the Star (seriously, if your sense of humour isn’t slightly more sophisticated than “adult panto” you deserve to be literally crucified, but on a rotating cross where you can be fucked up by being hung upside-down, then turned the right way up just before the blood to your head kills you to prolong the agony, then back again, then back again.  I might even advocate taking you down every few days for medical treatment and pins under the finger-nails, before nailing you back up there.  You are worse than Trump and Gove combined), but things kick right off again on Monday –

Tuskar, Daisy Chain, Who Saw The Light LIVE

Then there’s this mob.. check ’em out –

Who have I forgotten to mention?  Loads probably, let me know.  There may be a part two if I remember some records I bought and gigs I saw, or someone does that job for me.

Who Saw The Light, Tuskar, Daisy Chain – Star Inn 12th September 2017

September 15, 2017

Someone said to me this “if you review a gig you should review all the bands”. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. For (1) I am Wild Eye, this is my blog and I can do what I want, whether that is telling people to go check out Jon White’s amazing youtube channel for awesome live heaviness [] or ignoring bands for whatever reason I like.  For (2) I have got absolutely nothing to say about some bands other than “not my thing” or writing an essay on why I think “straight” rock / hard rock was killed off by grunge and had literally no relevance in 1990 let alone a modicum of relevance 27 years later.

To expand a little further, my opinion on such bands is somewhere between believing that they are not really my thing but have some merit as musicians, albeit merit I struggle to appreciate, and believing that their conservative nature is a despicable sonic representation of the politics killing this country. On balance I favour the latter argument. If you sing “I love the past and I hate progress, I want to go back in time 50 years to when I could offend minorities with impunity and discriminate against them willy-nilly” then you are a fucking arsehole. If your music shouts in massive fucking capital letters “I love the past and I hate progress” then I have to be suspicious about your politics, sorry. And mainstream rock / hard rock is just fucking shit of course. It has never been part of my life and never will be.

On first Daisy Chain.  New band to me, and someone told me it was their first gig.  If so, serious hats off.  Pretty impeccable list of influences on their facebook page – Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Mudhoney, Hawkwind, Sex Pistols.  Basically they’re a fuzzy grungey rock band who are fairly traditional, but have enough of an edge to keep someone like me interested. Awesome fuzz tones, vocals which owe something to shoegaze. A lot of the newer, younger bands I find myself loving now are heavy-as, whereas Daisy Chain are much less so, though that fuzz tone is pretty heavy (by 1970s standards maybe) and f-ing awesome. If I was a wanker I might say FFO Dinosaur Jr. They sound a bit Freak.

I love the retro guitar tones, I love that they are heavy and a bit psychedelic whilst resisting the urge to go all-in in either direction (or both)… but then again could they be even more interesting if they did veer off towards insanity or genuinely, overwhelming heaviness? Who the fuck knows but I look forward to finding out.

Loxdown are “not my thing”. Sue me. Please don’t sue me.

Tuskar. Hard rocking sludge two-piece. Love the occasional Mastodonny atmospherics. So, what makes a great pop band? Great songs and a beat you can dance to! What makes a great sludge band? Great riffs and a beat that fucking rocks! Tyler’s drums are as heavy and aggressive as you could wish for, but I think it might be a hint of  genuine funk in there too that makes them special. Tom’s riffs fucking rock, his guitar sound is heavy and full, another fucking EHX POG I presume. I want a POG and a HOG and in fact I actually WANT ALL OF THE FUCKING PEDALS.

They play a few songs off Arianrhod – the ep that I managed to get an early copy of before their signing to Riff Rock who will be re-releasing it soon. It is a serious ep. Buy it when it comes out. I can’t speak for the room, but I can speak of my experience in it. So easy to lose yourself in a maelstrom of fuzz and battering drums, so much energy in the thrashier bits. The room went mental and I’m guessing this was kinda an appreciation thing.

I’m honestly not envious of any band that has to follow Tuskar. Who Saw The Light get away with it with ease, they almost match the heaviness of Tuskar, and they out-weird them by miles. Tuskar are the band you can be sure will carry you across the ocean; Who Saw The Light are gonna shove you in a rocket-ship and you have no idea whether you’re gonna reach the stars or you’re gonna explode on launch… fuck they might even set the controls for the heart of the sun. Man. Fucking hippies. Hippy punk metaller freaks I meant. But either way, even if you die on the fucking launchpad, you’ll be happy. Or something. Does this metaphor work?

Where was I?

They start with Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues again. They end with Bangerz if memory serves. Fuck knows what they play in the middle, probably a few off their Psychedelic Philosophy EP. I’m not sure the extent to which they are getting tighter as a band or more focussed in their ideas – maybe quite a lot but maybe not at all. I do know that the more I see them the less random they appear, though the genre-defying madness is still there.  Is this more to do with me getting used to them or are they changing / progressing?  No idea, but I do know they have the riffs and the craziness to get a crowd going, whilst someone pit-averse like me can stand to the side and just grin for 30 minutes at the life-affirming show they put on.  Seriously, I’d expect a band to have really catchy poppy songs, with humour in the lyrics, to make me grin like this. And they’re political. Explicitly and implicity.

Fuck they’re good.

Pretty full room a first band on that went down well and the two main acts managed to absolutely destroy the back room of a pub in fucking Guildford on a fucking Tuesday night. Chapeau.

Current Top Four

July 22, 2017

I did a Top 10 local bands a while back. I have an updated top 4, best-of-the-rest better follow.

Three of them are playing tomorrow (not all together).

Guildford and surrounds we have, in alphabetical order –

Moper – didn’t much like them when I first heard them but they’re just getting better and better with each release. Depressing, simple, noise rock, often not that heavy, but it just works, probably because they have some amazing songs and a vocalist / lyricist (and guitarist) who sorta of reminds me of Andrew Falcous.

Pensevor – dirty, droning, did I say dirty, raw, filthy, doom. Surprisingly delicate, interesting, fantastic drumming, steady bass that just does the job, one of the most imposing and vulnerably aggressive front men you will ever see… and the icing on the cake, some of the filtiest and heaviest guitars you will ever hear with tone to die for. Damn near perfect.

Tuskar – sludge, doom, stoner heavy-as guitar-drums two piece. Tyler is an animal on drums whilst covering vocals. Riffs applenty, verges on metal in places. In a good way.

Who Saw The Light – heavy, nuts. Not many bands can claim doom as the main vocal style whilst having music that encompasses prog, shoegaze (occasionally), metal, hardcore punk, math, pretty much everything. First ep out tomorrow.

Tuskar – Arianrhod ep

June 10, 2017

Cos I couldn’t go see ’em tonight… fuck holidays…

I have listened to it 15 times now, roughly.  Guesstimate based on 12 plays on my iTunes, and the fact I’ve been listening to it the iPod as well.  Probably an under-guesstimate.  That said I have partly been listening it so much cos I’ve been trying to work out how to review it and it’s bloody hard.  I like banging on and expressing my opinions, but I just don’t know sludge well enough to have a strong opinon where it falls in the genre.

Gonna start on the mix… Are the drums a touch quiet, and the vocals a touch-and-a-bit too quiet or is it me? Not a big issue, more an observation.  Does being bassless add anything?  Does it take anything away?  Not sure, but gut feel – consider a bassist, though maybe they like the way it works live as a two piece and they’re not gonna be a bassless band on stage and use bass on the records.

The only other criticisms I’m gonna make of this sludge ep are these.  The worst bits aren’t as good as the best bits, and I’d rather listen to The Melvins.  None of these things are really criticism.

Fateweaver, drums, feedback… quite epic… changes massively and speeds up circa 3.40 in, ends with more feedback, straight into Where Strides The Colossus. Better riff.  Toegrinder reminds me a touch of Mastodon, but then again WTF do I know about metal?  Not.  A. Lot.  Bit of light relief part way through.  Moon Hooch, starts heavy and slow and feedback again. Best riff yet, Melvins-like?  This track is actually fucking great. Crimson Skull, slow start, chuggiest track.

I really like it, I just don’t know the competition well enough to know whether they’re a fine band who you should check out if your a fan of the genre, or if you like heavy music and they’re playing near you… or are they damn good, worthy of massive hyperbole? Suppose I better check out a shit load more sludge, and keep an eye on what they’re doing, and maybe sometime I’ll work it out.

Tuskar on Facebook

Another non-review – Who Saw The Light / Tuskar / Lowdown – Star Inn, 18th May 2017

May 21, 2017

I missed Lowdown.  Well, I caught a touch… they’re a young, mainstream rock act.  I think.  The singer can sing.  I love to see a musician looking like they’re having as much fun on stage as the bassist appeared to be… but ultimately not my thing at all.

I’ve met Tyler once before, and he cornered me after the gig tonight.  He plays drums in Tuskar.  He sings.  He wanted to know what I thought of his band.  Why?  My opinion is everything, I buy that, but kinda only to me.  One might argue my opinion is nothing.

I started talking.  He seemed to think I wasn’t overly impressed.  I’m not one to bullshit what people want to hear.  I could’ve just said “really great, man, loved it!” and I wouldn’t have been dishonest, but me and my big gob tried to be more honest… and it’s hard to get across exactly what you wanna say, especially briefly and when you’re knackered and you’ve just had a few drinks watching a couple of fuck off noisy metal / doom / sludge / whatever bands.

I was happy to be cornered.   I love talking music.  I enjoyed Tuskar a lot.  Sludgey, doomy shit, heavy-as guitar / drums two-piece.  Someone – someone who knows a load more than me technically – said three things.  Tyler is a fucking good drummer.  Tuskar have developed as a band to a point well ahead of their years.  They convince.

I buy these assertions 100%.  They are a ‘proper band’.  Some bands sound more like musicians playing together, especially when they’re young and starting out.  Tuskar are a proper fucking band.

I don’t see tons of ACM stuff, and what I do see is mainly the noisier end, so I’m probably missing loads of good bands over the last few years… but Tuskar are only the third name on my list of “proper bands” I’ve seen live coming out of ACM over the last few years.  Following Foxes, Who Saw The Light, Tuskar.  I have no doubt Blackwaters could be added to the list but I ain’t seen them live.

So, what could have made me go “fucking amazing” without a fraction of second’s hesitation when Tyler asked what I thought?

(1)  If I was more of a sludge / stoner / doom expert then I’d have a better idea of just how good they are in the context of the style of music they make.  But I’m not.  All I can really say is that it’s a style I really like, they do it well and I look forward to seeing them again.  But I have no real idea where they sit in the genre, who are most similar to them, how good they are in comparison to their closest rivals.

(2)  Here’s where things get tricky.  Songs.  There’s loads of bands locally who I really love going to see live.  Tuskar can be added to the list.  The main thing that they don’t tend to have – that the very best bands do – is fucking great songs.  Songs that get in your head damn quick and just stay there.  It might be kinda obvious, it might go without saying, but my advice (easier said than done) to just about every band I go see is “give everything you’ve got to writing the best songs you can.  I know you’re not pop, but catchy is generally good, and I’d advise you to take something from pop.”  As I say, easier said than done.  That said I really need to listen to the ep [Tuskar – Arianrhod] half a dozen times and see them live a few more times before I really judge the songs… but pretty much every band on the planet could do with a few better songs.

(3)  Innovation.  The greatest bands were innovators.  Black Flag and The Melvins are two bands I fucking love – they are both great, they both have great songs… but most impressively they have helped create genres and influence thousands of bands (probably tens of thousands of bands!)  There is nothing wrong with finding your niche and trying to play a certain style or combination of styles well, but set your sights at the stars, and try to find a way to take it – your music – no not just your music, music generally – to the next level.

When I go see live music in small venues I’m kinda judging every band against both ends of the spectrum.  On the one hand I can love a band simply because they put a smile on my face, get the foot tapping or rock hard.  On the other, to be great they need to do what the likes of Blacks Sabbath and Flag did.  Write numerous great songs that have not only been loved by fans across the world, but which have influenced the course of music history.  I don’t fuck around, I demand a lot.

TLDR – I really liked Tuskar, look forward to seeing them again and seeing them get better… but I wanna see them write their own Feel Good Hit of the Summer and change the course of metal history, and they ain’t getting 100% praise til they’ve done both those things.  Now fucking get to work.

I could say many similar things about Who Saw The Light, but there’s a couple things that have that do make them stand out.  There have a sense of anarchy, chaos and danger that is very difficult to pull off.  Their somewhat eclectic, all-over-the-fucking-place-style is much less easy to pigeonhole, and easier to picture developing into something that not only rocks but also influences others.

Two fine fine bands.

Check out Who Saw The Light again at the Star tonight.  Get there early – its an all dayer.  Check out Tuskar’s ep.

And fuck it, do one more thing –

Lost in Venice, Who Saw the Light, Tuskar – Noise Theory – ACM – Star Inn Guildford, January 16th 2017

January 17, 2017

Tuskar – first on.  Got there too late, sorry Tuskar, missed you.  Are you this Tuskar?  If so you might be pretty good, or even better?  Tuskar reminds me of Tosca, which reminds me of Fosca which is the name of a band I know nothing about who rose from the ashes of the incredible, mid-90s, Tim Chipping-fronted Orlando.

Lost in Venice – on last, pretty good in places.  Noisy.  Overall not my thing.  They describe themselves thus –


Not sure about that.  Maybe.  They did a Reuben cover. 

Who Saw the Light

Wowsers.  They describe themselves thus –

“three piece – heavy experimental band , music consist of a mixture of spacerock and psychedelic vibes with heavy distorted riffs. The name of the band comes from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave . In short words, the music is supposed to get people out of their comfort zone and make them question their strongest beliefs regarding contemporary music and everything it stands for.”

And –

“Progressive / Mathcore / Stoner / Psychedelic / Post-Metal”

Not sure about the first one.  Maybe.  I re-paste and put in bold what I saw to be true when I saw them –

three piece – heavy experimental band , music consist of a mixture of spacerock and psychedelic vibes with heavy distorted riffs. The name of the band comes from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave . In short words, the music is supposed to get people out of their comfort zone and make them question their strongest beliefs regarding contemporary music and everything it stands for.

I am going to try to list the genres present in their set.  And by that I mean actually played briefly, as opposed to simply influences.  Alphabetical order –

Ambient, Doom, Funk-Metal, Grunge (early 90s definition), Indie, Math, Metal, party-band (not really a genre, but I swear there was a point they were basically a party-band), Prog, Rap, Shoegaze (maybe, certainly an experimental noise element), Thrash.

I’m actually surprised I can’t remember more.

Most young bands seem to take one, maybe two genres and try to perfect one or make something a little new out of two new-ish ideas.  “Who Saw the Light ” (shit name, could work) just chuck everything in the mix.  They give the distinct impression they could be a decent metal band, or damn fine doom band.  They do grunge really well.  Yet it’s all backed up by a progressive, mathy vibe and definitely a “we REAALLLY don’t give a fuck” attitude.

The ambient bit at the start of one song was a bit boring.  You can do mellow better than that, boys.  The indie bit was pointless and pretty crap.  But the rest was pretty fucking good.  I seriously worried when it went all rap, but they somehow pulled it off and I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat at their sheer audacity.

They are not the finished article.  They need a lot more focus.  But their basic principal, weird mathy metal with all sorts chucked in, really works.  They rock.  They get funky.  If you can’t see beyond doom they’ll give you a song or two.  They sound nothing like this band, but they do remind me of them, massively.  Butthole Surfers.  I mentioned them briefly on this blog a month or two back, and then I see Who Saw the Light and see a Butthole Surfers don’t-give-a-fuck attitude in a big way. Not at all serious, whilst mixing things up in a way that you just don’t do unless your serious.

Best ACM band I have seen since Following Foxes (who were not my thing on any level, but absolutely killed what they were doing.  Gideon I think was the singer song-writer.  You have something, but so did the rest of Following Foxes.  I hope you’re all moving on to bigger and better things.)